Who should submit it and what is the deadline?

Who should submit it and what is the deadline?

What happens if I don’t?

The General Law of Administrative Responsibilities establishes in its article 33 that if the patrimonial declaration is not presented in any of its three modalities, within the corresponding periods without just cause, the investigation for alleged responsibility for committing administrative faults will be immediately initiated, and it will be required in writing to the public servant the fulfillment of said obligation.

In the same way, if the public servant has been required to comply and the omission continues for a period of 30 calendar days following the date on which the requirement was notified, in the case of the initial statement and changes in assets, it may be proceed to remove him from office.

On the other hand, in the case of omission, without just cause, in the presentation of the declaration of conclusion, the public servant will be disqualified from three months to one year, refers the SFP.

How to present the patrimonial declaration?

1.- Enter to declaranet.gob.mx If you are a new user, register with your CURP and create a password. If you are already registered, enter with your CURP and your password.

2.- Select new tax return, submit

3.- If it is a beginning or conclusion statement, you must fill in seven tabs. If it is a modification, there are six.

4.- Do not use abbreviations when filling out the form.

5.- Provide the information. Once you have entered, you will find on the left side of the screen the 7 tabs to fill in, and all are mandatory fields.

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Remember, after filling each tab, always hit accept and save.

The data to provide are:

– Personal data of the declarant such as address.

– Curriculum data, recent schooling. Information on employment, position or commission, all required, including employment address.

– You must also provide information corresponding to the last 5 jobs.

– Net income of the declarant, partner and/or economic dependents, here, in the section below, the amounts are added automatically.

– Real estate, vehicles, personal property, investments, bank accounts and other types of securities, debts.

– Previous annual activity, only for the opening and closing statements.

6.- Save all the required data.

7.- Sign the declaration, there are two options, with the advanced electronic signature Fiel, from the SAT, or with the CURP and the password you used to enter DeclaraNet.

8.- Print or save your receipt. You can view your return in the filed returns section.