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who is Victor Creel, the villain of Creel House

who is Victor Creel, the villain of Creel House

The fourth season of stranger things It is a tribute to horror movies. And it is in more than one way. From the much darker tone and the direct references to Item by Andres Muschietti and Alien from Ridley Scott, to its connotation of the sinister. The Netflix series shows its maturity with a direct look at the genre. But also through a detail that amazes fans. Including in the seasonal mystery the enormous influence of Wes Craven and his classic saga nightmare in The M Street. And that means including a big-name villain. Victor Creel, murderer and the center of several of the Hawkins mysteries. And the character is played, nothing more and nothing less, than by Robert Englund. The actor in charge of playing the fearsome Freddy Krueger in much of the Craven saga.

On this occasion, the Duffer brothers made the decision to recreate the condition of the terrifying through one of the icons of terror. And they do it in two more different ways. First, the Serie Netflix establishes that Hawkins is a cursed place. And not only because of the facts already known in previous installments. The new season looks at the fact that the town has a fair amount of skeletons in storage. And one of them has Creel House as its center, scenes of bloody events in the past.

It is then that the connection with Wes Craven becomes more unusual and deep. The owner of the house (in which mutilated animals were found and cruel infanticide occurred) returns in chapter four. Robert Englund’s Victor Creel returns to be very scary.

The darkness of Hawkins by the hand of Victor Creel

The mere presence of Robert Englund’s Vitor Creel completely changes the tone and pace of stranger things. It is not only a reflection of the character that made him famous — child murderer and also subject to the supernatural — but a point of interest in his speech. Creel House is the epicenter of all the connection of the past that stranger things set through symbols. It’s also a way of understanding the extent to which the series took a leap in a whole new direction. One in which he will explore his mythology and will undoubtedly answer many of his most difficult questions.

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Much more interesting still, the Victor Creel played by the actor, makes something specific clear. The fact that all the supernatural and fearsome events in Hawkins are not of recent date. In fact, everything surrounding Creel House makes it clear that the supernatural’s influence on the series is longstanding. As much as to establish parallels and perceptions about the nature of the extraordinary in the series.

If until now everything inexplicable in stranger things seemed related to a large-scale conspiracy theory, season four changes the picture. And especially, it highlights the fact that the town is linked in a total and complex way to a very specific type of darkness. And that is where Victor Creel is especially important.

From the horrors of the past arises a new path


In the new additions to the mythology of stranger things, Creel House was the scene of inexplicable events that ended in a series of murders. Its owner and the perpetrator of the events, Victor Creel became a dark legend in the town. In the same way as in the mythology around Freddy Krueger, Creel ends up murdering children. And in the same way he ends up collapsing in the dark due to such an act.

In stranger thingsFurthermore, things get even murkier. Creel claims that she killed due to the influence of a demonic creature. Do you mean then that everything that happened was due to the influence of something else? The Netflix series takes its time narrating the dilemma, but once it does, it unites the story of all four seasons into a single vision of fear. Perhaps the highest point of the season.

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