As they say: “all roads lead to Rome”. We begin this article by recalling this phrase that we have all heard once to illustrate that when it comes to gaining muscle mass there are many options, including different training methodologies and different disciplines.

It should be clear at all times that we are talking about gaining muscle mass, not having muscle development with a very specific symmetry, shapes or proportions that can be well seen in the circles of bodybuilding, men’s physique or bikini fitness.

That said, in this article we are going to evaluate what does weight training and calisthenics in general give us and if one or the other is better for gaining muscle mass.

First we must define the objective


The first thing we must bear in mind is that calisthenics is a discipline with clearly defined objectives and that it seeks the absolute control of our body through movements executed with the body weight and on all kinds of bars and supports.

On the other hand, weight training or rather, strength training, would not be defined as a discipline with precise objectives. Weight training can be done as an end in itself and does not have to be attached to a specific sport. However, generally people who train with weights they tend to look for an increase in strength and improvements in body composition such as gaining muscle or losing fat.

This should help us to understand that the practice of calisthenics seeks to master certain movements and acrobatics that reveal control over the body. If you want to gain muscle mass, calisthenics can help you since it is still strength training but it will never be the main objective and, in fact, from a certain point it can become a burden.

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What can we expect from calisthenics?


Calisthenics is based on strength training, as this is a snake with many heads. Strength training can be carried out by training with body weight, with bars, plates, dumbbells, rubber bands, kettlebells or even pulleys.

The development of calisthenics in this way is based on strength training to achieve millimeter control over the body. If you practice calisthenics you are going to need strength to execute some explosive movements at the maximum possible speed. You will also have to be able to sustain force production over time to maintain some movements that require isometric contractions.

Finally, practicing calisthenics will help you gain joint mobility, since it is necessary to execute many of the movements without having any restriction.

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What can we expect from weight training?


Weight training is more suitable for those who simply want to improve their body composition, gain strength in all its manifestations or even compete in sports like bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, CrossFit, or weightlifting.

The weights have to be their base because in sports like powerlifting, weightlifting or CrossFit, it is these same weights that they have to handle in competition.

On the other hand, in bodybuilding or fitness, muscle development requires a specific direction and programming, so the weights give the possibility of choosing more precisely what stimuli we want to give our body and in what specific area.

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