Which is the Best Video Downloader for Windows 10?

Which is the Best Video Downloader for Windows 10?

When looking for a video downloader for Windows, many options are out there. It can be a rather frustrating experience! If you are looking for the best video downloader for Windows 10, then look no further. We have compiled a list for you that discusses the best video downloaders. Before you start, make sure you have excellent internet service for smooth downloading. If you are looking to switch your internet provider, contact Mediacom customer service and subscribe to their great plan.

iTube HD Video Downloader

If you are looking for a free video downloader for Windows 10, iTube HD Video Downloader is the right choice. This software allows you to download and play videos from both local and online sources. It can also download and convert a batch of videos all at once. Moreover, it can download entire YouTube playlists in one go and download multiple videos with video URLs. This software also helps you create playlists of videos you want to watch later.

After downloading ITube HD Video, you can install it on your PC. Just double-tap the icon of the app that you want to install. Then, open the Bluestacks emulator. To install the app, you must log in to your Google account. Then, open it and choose ITube HD Video from the menu. It will show the same UI as your phone.

iTube Catcher

If you want to download videos on Windows 10, iTube Catcher is a good choice. It is free to download and does not contain any adware or spyware. However, you should keep in mind that it takes a long time to download videos, and it installs tons of unnecessary programs on your computer. To fix this issue, you should first remove the unwanted files, applications, and history from the application.

Video Download Manager has a very user-friendly interface, similar to that of a Windows XP app. It has various tabs: Download, Activity, and Convert. Each tab has a different type of functionality. You can download all the videos from your YouTube playlist or choose specific videos. The app is capable of converting videos and setting proxy settings. Furthermore, it has advanced video download settings.


When it comes to downloading video files to your PC, you can’t go wrong with the renowned 5KPlayer. This player is compatible with 4K, 5K, 360o, and 1080p content. The best part of 5KPlayer is that it’s free, which means it’s safe to download. Besides, 5KPlayer supports AirPlay mirroring and DLAN streaming media files. You can also create and manage a personal multimedia library, DLNA share list, and online media files. Moreover, it lets you create and manage playlists to play your favorite videos/audios.

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You can download videos and convert them to MP3/AAC music files with just one click, with 5KPlayer’s YouTube button on the main interface. The software automatically analyzes URLs, showing the details of the videos in a pop-up window. Once you’re done, you can choose the video format and resolution. It also supports subtitles, which help people who can’t understand the audio in videos.


Among all the video downloaders for Windows 10, CleverGet stands out for its speed and ease of use. With over 1000 sites supported, CleverGet offers fast and convenient video downloads. It can download videos of all types, including live streams, 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions, with 320 kbps audio quality. It also supports multiple download tasks, playlist downloading, and batch downloads.

In addition to downloading videos, CleverGet supports more than 1,000 sites, including Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and more. It supports 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions and has built-in support for all popular video formats. Another feature of CleverGet is its ability to analyze video resolution and format and its file size and framerate. It can even extract audio content from videos, which makes it useful for listening to lectures and watching movies on the go.

Wondershare AllMyTube

Wondershare AllMyTube is a great video downloader for Windows 10. You can download videos to your computer, and then play them with a built-in player. After downloading, you can import your videos to the library and share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter. This software is easy to install and download. To download videos, you need to follow simple instructions. You can also choose the video format you want to download from the Supported Sites tab.

With ease, you can download streaming videos from various websites and convert them to device-specific formats. Wondershare AllMyTube is lightweight and user-friendly. It supports many streaming video formats, and you can add media to downloads easily by copying the URL from the website or copying the corresponding media. In addition, the app also includes a web browser, which lets you browse the internet and download files.


Every video downloader offers its unique services, so it gets hard for you to decide which one to select. We hope that the above-mentioned list provides valuable insight, and you can now easily choose a video downloader for your windows 10.