Which actors know karate in real life?

Which actors know karate in real life?

‘Cobra Kai’, one of Netflix’s original series and which recently premiered its fourth season on the platform, offers well-crafted karate scenes that are performed by the actors themselves, and not by stuntmen. The martial arts featured in the series are designed by the stunt coordinators, and all members of the cast have received training for the role. However, some of the characters have practiced martial arts in real life. You know who they are?

One of the ‘Cobra Kai’ actors who know karate in real life is William zabkaThe 56-year-old American who plays Johnny Lawrence on the show and was also part of the cast of Karate Kid. Zabk, in fact, is a green belt for karate. In the level of progression of the belts of this sport, the color green is the fourth of the seven degrees that martial arts students obtain during their training. They are followed by blue, brown and lastly, black.

Zabka confirmed that Pad Johnson, a martial arts expert, He was her coach for the first Karate Kid movie, and that unlike the rest of his teammates, after recording the first installment he continued training with Johnson to improve his knowledge.

The young Cobra Kai actors who practiced martial arts

Tannet Buchanan (Robby Keene in Cobra Kai) is another of the Cobra Kai members who also knows karate. Buchanan confirmed to GQ that He started practicing a little Taekwondo when he was between 10 and 11 years old. The 23-year-old actor also mentioned that it was his mother who “introduced” him to the world of karate. Marlona Buchanan practiced martial arts in the 80s and, in fact, got a black belt for the sport. Tannet Buchanan also revealed that it is the stunt coordinators and the fight coordinators who are in charge of managing the martial arts that appear in the series mixing. These, in addition, mix different styles; from Tarkwondo, to Muay Thai.

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By last, Jacob Bertrand, a 21-year-old actor who plays Hawk (Eli Moskowitz) in Cobra Kai, started training when he was eight years old and he stayed in the sport until he was 12 years old. In addition, of all his castmates, he is the one who is the most advanced. He got to get the purple belt, level above William Zabka’s green belt. Bertrand, on the other hand, has also revealed on several occasions that he is a big fan of the Karate Kid saga.