Black widow proved that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is more alive than ever. Also, even the projects that do not provide special information to Phase 4, allow us to know the transition line between major stories. A novel detail that allows the plot to analyze some subtle ideas about the mythology of Marvel in the cinema.

The movie firing the character played Scarlett Johansson is also a rarity. Considered the “less Marvel” story of all the Marvel movies released so far, it is a journey through a small and insular story. But even so, it provides data of curious interest for fans who want to get a general idea about the world of superheroes. Beyond the great deeds of the best known heroes, Black widow hints at what happened around the luxury secondary.

It also raises an essential question for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the colossal genocide of Thanos Or even in previous events, where were the lesser known characters? In the case of Black Widow, the big question is immediate: where were Melina Vostokoff, Red Guardian and Yelena Belova?

The film shows the close relationship between all the characters, especially after their last mission together. Wasn’t it plausible, even necessary, the appearance of any of them during the catastrophic events that occurred immediately after?

Located chronologically after Captain America: Civil War, the film recounts how Natasha joined her Russian “family” to face a common past. Like Natasha’s first – and only – solo film it also allows you to delve into her character and environment. Which makes the question of where Red Guardian and Yelena especially was more pertinent than ever.

A roadmap to the history of Black Widow

Of course the movie Black widow it faces the problem of the untimely. Delayed several times due to the pandemic, its premiere comes at a time when Phase 4 is in full swing. So the solo movie of Black Widow must somehow encompass known events, surpassed and amply explained on screen. He achieves it? Yes, but with some rhythm and background problems, which makes precise explanations necessary.

So by the time the story begins, Natasha is already on the run after violating the Sokovia accords. Always according to the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, before Black widow the next news we have about the avenger is in Avengers: Infinity War. He then survives the genocide and spends the next five years with Steve Rogers and the few survivors of the tragedy.

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So where was the rest of his family? Considering that the movie ends with Melina, Yelena and Alexei on good terms, it would be natural for them to go in search of Natasha. Several theories suggest that by the time the conflict against Thanos began, the chances of involving Milena and Alexei were already slim.

The film narrates that both fled with the rest of the liberated Black Widows of the Red Room. So it is more than likely that they will dedicate their efforts to their protection. There is also the considerable possibility that they were affected by Thanos’ snap. But if it was the first possibility, that meant moving away from a larger battlefield, which was also unfamiliar to them. Could they have been accepted into Wakanda during the great battle to protect Vision? The big question is whether they would have wanted to be part of it.

The argument of Black widow he also hinted that Yelena was under the command of Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. So it is not likely he had or would like to have a relationship with the avengers. In fact, when analyzing the post-credits scene, it is evident that Natasha’s family was informed of her death. But that does not guarantee that they knew where he was or how.

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Why are these little speculations important? Because the Marvel Cinematic Universe is spending a fair amount of time delving into the underlying connections between characters. Especially now that Yelena seems to be going in search of Hawkeye, which would imply a specific revenge starring the Russian family. And it’s probably the time when these big and small questions are part of something larger than mere plot curiosity.