The big day for Blue Origin and its founder, Jeff Bezos, has finally arrived. This Tuesday, July 20, about 8:00 CT the first Blue Origin launch will occur with people on board. In the capsule will be the billionaire Bezos, creator of Amazon. And he will be accompanied by his brother Mark; Wally Funk, the 82-year-old Mercury 13 pilot, and Oliver Daemen, the youngest person to go into space, replacing a billionaire who paid $ 28 million at auction for this flight.

However, among millionaires with aerospace companies, Bezos is not the first to go to space. And is that another billionaire, Richard Branson, you have already won this race. Branson is the creator of Virgin Glactic and it went into space on July 11.

The trip of Bezos and company will take place in a reusable rocket New Shepard by Blue Origin. If all goes according to plan, the four space tourists will rise up to 100 kilometers above sea level. This distance is what is already considered to be outer space. The capsule will detach and allow passengers a few minutes to contemplate the curvature of the earth and feel the zero gravity. After this, the capsule and the rocket will land in different places. Then, passengers will officially be the first space tourists to travel with Blue Origin. And the CEO of Amazon will have fulfilled his great dream of flying into space.

Where to watch the launch of Blue Origin

The launch of Blue Origin will take place, if all goes according to plan, this Tuesday. The chosen time is 8:00 CT; that is, the same time in Mexico City and 3 p.m. Spanish peninsular time. This will be the first manned flight for Bezos’ company, which has already carried out several important tests before. If all goes well, the machinery to start commercializing Blue Origin suborbital flights could begin soon. However, space tourists will probably be millionaires for a while. However, prices are expected to be lowered in the near future. What’s more, the seat that Bezos sold for 28 million dollars (23 million euros), whose owner will not be able to attend this flight, is rather a anecdote As for the prices of what space tourism will cost.

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The direct of the launch of Blue Origin can be seen from half an hour earlier on streaming through this video: