Where to play Wordle for free and avoid scams in the trendy viral game | Gaming

Where to play Wordle for free and avoid scams in the trendy viral game |  Gaming

This is the only place where you can play the real Wordle, and it is not available through any specific application for your mobile.

The first viral game of the year is Wordle, a browser game where we must guess different words within a board and as usual, other developers are trying to gain fame at the expense of it, when they are not its original creators.

And it is that first you have to make one thing totally clear: to play Wordle you should not download a single application, since it is a browser game. That is, to enjoy the real Wordle, all you have to do is go to the official game page and run it in your own browser, both on desktop and mobile phone.

The problem is that many users are accessing application stores such as Google Play to search for Wordle, and several results are offered that are not exactly the title we are looking for.

These are games that were already in the Google application store and that use the same name, leading to confusion for thousands of users who are looking for the real Wordle and that, as we said, is not available through any application.

So if you want to play the real Wordle you just have to go to the official title page through your favorite browser, and start playing. On the other hand, if you want to know much more about its own creator Josh wardle, you can visit his official website where he talks a little more about the project.

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So you must be clear that, until further notice, Wordle is only a browser game and is not available through any application, so you should try to avoid deception in this regard and even not fall into the trap of cybercriminals who can take advantage of this new fever to rip you off.