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Is the PlayStation 5 stock back? What stores can have it this Black Friday? We solve these and more questions for you.

The most desired game console in the world is PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, it is so much that all those that go on sale disappear very soon. To this we add the lack of chips globally and we obtain a serious stock problem.

There is no other way to say it: finding a PlayStation 5 is almost mission impossible. And when you find it, you better be quick because they are over in minutes. So, will we find PlayStation 5 stock this Black Friday?

Discover the best offers and discounts that you will find on Amazon, MediaMarkt, PcComponentes, El Corte Inglés and many more during Black Friday 2021.

Most stores that usually sell PlayStation 5 they do not communicate when are they going to get new units, so it’s really hard to say that this Black Friday there will be units. What we can almost assure you is that we will not find offers taking into account the demand.

Let’s see which stores usually have stock and where you have the best chance of finding a PlayStation 5 during Black Friday.

Buying a PS5 on Black Friday: stores that usually have stock


Lately it is rare to see a PlayStation 5, in either of its two versions, without accessories or games for sale. Most of the times that they appear in stores like Amazon you can find it with games or with another remote control.

Amazon sells one PS5 Digital and one PS5 with reader. But we can also find packs.

The most common is usually the combination of PlayStation 5 + Controller DualSense Midnight Black + Ratchet & Clank for 579.99 euros.

Sony has confirmed that the new PlayStation will be called “PlayStation 5”, as well as other interesting data that two of the most responsible for the console have revealed in a recent interview. Therefore, we offer you the 5 PS5 keys that we know right now.

When you are in Amazon remember to click on the drop-down because you will find all the available versions. Some with extra or colored controls, others with games and with games and passes for PSN.

Amazon usually receives PlayStation 5 stock very occasionally. The last time was last September and as always, the units flew.

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MediaMarkt is one of the stores that usually receives the most stock for PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, it is a bit random, but when they are available, they usually last longer.

Our recommendation: register in MediaMarkt and when you see it available put it in the cart and if you do not complete the order, when it is back in stock it will appear in the cart.

You can find one PS5 Digital for 399 euros. You also find the version with a reader along with headphones and Spider-Man Miles Morales for 659 euros.

A standard PlayStation 5 with a disc player costs 499 euros in MediaMarkt.


As far as we know, the last store to have stock of PS5 was PcComponentes. It was a few days ago and they had a combination of PS5 with reader and Ratchet & Clank available for 599 euros.

A version of PS5 Digital with 2 DualSense controllers, the standard Digital version or one PS5 with reader.

The English Court

The well-known network of El Corte Inglés shopping centers has stock of PlayStation 5 in the same way as the rest of the stores, randomly and when it arrives it runs out very quickly.

Although we know that here you can find the PS5 with reader, the version PS5 Digital or the pack with another DualSense remoteIt is also common for them to offer combinations with games.

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