Dates of the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympic Games

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games will take place on the day Wednesday, July 23 (CDMX). However, the first competitions will begin on July 20. In them we will see hundreds of athletes – including 99 Mexicans – compete in disciplines ranging from athletics to boxing.
The closing ceremony, meanwhile, will take place on August 8, the same day that the handball and boxing medals will be awarded.

What time will the opening of Tokyo 2021 be?

The opening of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games will be the ideal pretext to get up early on Wednesday, June 23, as it will take place at 06:00 (CDMX).

Where to see the opening ceremony of the Olympics?

This year we have several options to see the 2021 Olympic Games. Televisa Y Aztec TV they will present some of the competitions and the inauguration. On the platforms Claro Sports Y Clear Brand you will be able to see a complete broadcast of all categories, as well as the opening and closing events.

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