When Bruce Willis forced Disney to cancel a nearly finished movie and starred in the biggest hits of his career to make it up

When Bruce Willis forced Disney to cancel a nearly finished movie and starred in the biggest hits of his career to make it up

Bruce Willis He was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood during the ’90s, a time when he could pretty much make any movie he wanted. What you may not know is that in 1997 she ended up forcing Disney to cancel a romantic comedy that she starred in with maura tierneywhose popularity would not rise until a couple of years later thanks to ‘ER’, when they had already been filming for several weeks.

The case of ‘Broadway Brawler’

The film in question was called ‘Broadway brawler’the most ambitious project to date Lee GrantOscar-winning actress for her participation in ‘shampoo’ that he thought Willis was the ideal actor for the role. The protagonist of ‘Jungla de Cristal’ must have thought the same, because he even agreed to lower his usual cache to participate in it.

The problems came after a long pre-production work and almost three weeks of filming. Willis was not at all satisfied with what he was seeing on the set, so he forced his arrest. Several members of the team were fired, including Grant herself, and despite a failed attempt to continue with Dennis Dugan (‘Jack and his twin’) taking care of the direction, finally the film was lost.

However, investors, notably Walt Disney, were not at all happy that 17 million dollars would have been spent to end up leaving ‘Broadway Brawler’ halfway. Suing Willis to recover the money was seriously considered, but in return a most striking agreement was reached.

The deal between Willis and Disney

Willis agreed to participate in three Disney movies to compensate for all the problems caused with ‘Broadway Brawler’, the first of them receiving a salary much lower than what he was earning at the time. Specifically, for ‘Jungla de Cristal: La Venganza’ he had earned 15 million dollars just a couple of years before and 16.5 the previous year for ‘The Last Man’, while for ‘Armageddon’ He accepted a salary of just 3 million.

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That figure ended up growing considerably due to other bonuses associated with the box office receipts of the film directed by Michael Bay, the biggest hit of Willis’ career to that point with worldwide receipts of $553 million. He would soon drop to second position.

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The second feature film resulting from that agreement between Disney and Willis was ‘The Sixth Sense’, for which his base salary has already risen to 14 million dollars plus an amount of the benefits that the film could generate. His debt was already settled, but Willis’s joy was even greater when the second feature film by M.Night Shyamalan it swept the box office to $672 million.

That led to Willis ending up earning around $100 million for his work on “The Sixth Sense.” Obviously, the actor did not hesitate to collaborate with Shyamalan again in ‘El protege’, also made for Disney, but the truth is that the third film of that peculiar contract was ‘The Kid (The boy)’.

The sixth Sense

The latter no longer fared so well at the box office, earning worldwide revenues of $110 million against a budget of $65 million. Did Willis smell it himself? Well, for this he directly received a salary of 20 million – an amount that several actors began to earn after the record set by Jim Carrey with ‘A madman at home’-, so he also came out on top then.

For its part, Disney more than recovered the investment made in ‘Broadway Brawler’, so both parties were satisfied with the result. The one who I doubt very much that she ended up not happy at all was Grantwho since then has not returned to shoot any film for the big screen.