Save backup copies of conversations from WhatsApp Cloud is a common practice for most users. However, there are no advanced options to manage what is backed up by services like Google Drive. Fortunately this could change soon, as published WABetaInfo.

The aforementioned medium indicates that WhatsApp works on a function that would allow greater control over the size of the backups. This would be achieved by selecting what to synchronize; thus, people could choose certain types of files that they prefer to leave out of the backup on the web.

The report includes a screenshot that clearly shows a greater variety of options in managing WhatsApp backups. For example, users would have the ability to enable or disable the inclusion of photos, videos, documents, audios, and “other media”.

In this way it would be easier to manage how big our becomes backup on Google Drive. So far this has not been an inconvenience for users, but it could be for the future.

More management options for WhatsApp backups

Image: WABetaInfo

WABetaInfo indicates that, although WhatsApp backups currently do not occupy part of the space that users have in Google Drive, this could change. Supposedly the Mountain View would consider implementing a 2 GB limit for the storage of backups on your platform.

If Google did move forward with this possibility, it would be very bad news for those who like to endorse the content of their chats. In addition, taking as a precedent what happened this year with the removal of unlimited storage from Google Photos, it would not be surprising if something similar happens with the support of WhatsApp conversations.

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Anyway, do not rush. The current options for managing WhatsApp backups are extremely limited; in fact, it is only possible to choose the periodicity of the backup, the account to use, what type of network, and if you want to include videos. That users have more options to choosing which media to sync would be very beneficial, regardless of whether or not a restriction is applied in Google Drive in the future.

For now, it is unknown when this function would arrive in the popular messaging app. We will be attentive to the news.