Since 2019 WhatsApp Payments It has been the platform with which Mark Zuckerberg’s messaging application has sought to gain a foothold in the electronic payments market. Although the expansion of the service has been slow after what happened in Brazil, that does not mean that WhatsApp has stopped its development.

In fact, the company wants to continue strengthening its product with elements such as cashback.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will begin trials to return money to users using WhatsApp Payments in India.

So far all the details about the cashback policy are unknown, but the company will reveal all the information in the coming days. What is known is that refunds will be up to 10 rupees, which at the exchange rate is 2.71 Mexican pesos.

WhatsApp beta supports WhatsApp Payments in Mexico, Brazil and the United Kingdom

Although the reimbursement may seem very little, it must be considered that this figure should be different by country considering different elements.

WABetaInfo also revealed that the cashback will apply up to 48 hours after paying for a product through WhatsApp Payments.

In 2020 the same source revealed that WhatsApp Payments would arrive in Mexico in 2021, however, the pandemic and the situation in Brazil with the regulation of the service seems to slow down the expansion plans of this platform. However, the company said it seeks to bring its payment technology to more countries in the future.