When WhatsApp announced that admitted stickers, many of us are happy about the many possibilities that this function offers. Come on, what can you speak with someone exclusively with WhatsApp stickers inspired by memes and in your favorite characters. And best of all, anyone can design stickers to surprise friends and strangers in WhatsApp conversations and groups.

On several occasions we have told you different ways to get stickers to download and various methods to create and design your own WhatsApp stickers. Not to mention that the application itself It has its own stickers that are updated with new animated characters.

As well. WhatsApp warned in summer that from the official app itself you could create WhatsApp stickers. So said and done. You can now create your own stickers from WhatsApp Web. And soon you will be able to do it also in their PC and Mac versions.

Design WhatsApp stickers in minutes

For create WhatsApp stickers with the official tool you must access WhatsApp in its web version. The good news is that they are visible on any version, including iPhone and Android. And soon, you will also be able to create stickers from the desktop versions. Once there, access any conversation and click on the drop-down button to send content. In the list you will find a new button with the name Sticker. You can also go directly to the button Emojis, click on Stickers and finally in Create.

Whichever option you choose, WhatsApp will ask you to select an image that will serve as the basis for the WhatsApp sticker. What can we do with that image? Everything you can imagine. First, trim the edges to eliminate the background and keep what interests you in the image. The selection is manual but the result is perfect, adding a shaded white border. You can use a freehand selector or one with straight lines.

Next step to create your own WhatsApp Stickers. You will have to decorate the image a bit to get a good sticker. For this you have at your disposal your emojis and stickers. Add as many as you want, place them freely and change their size if you wish. It is also possible to include Text balloons with different colors, fonts and colored background or not. And for the more daring, the sticker editor has freehand pencil to draw on top with four thicknesses and several colors to choose from. The last tool allows you to rotate the image sideways. And during the process you can undo and redo. Come on, a very complete sticker editor.

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Once you have finished designing the sticker for WhatsApp, the last step is to post it in conversation or group where you are at that moment. You cannot save the sticker to use it later, although you will see the WhatsApp stickers that you have created and shared in the tab Recent Stickers.

You’re going to get sick of creating stickers

Although at the moment the tool is available on WhatsApp Web, those responsible for it have managed to include everything necessary to create stickers effortlessly. You may already know specific applications for design your own WhatsApp stickers, but now you can create them directly from groups and conversations.

Cutting and removing edges is something anyone can do in a matter of seconds. In addition, the shaded white border is applied automatically, thus creating a WhatsApp sticker that has little to envy those who have designed artists and other users. On the other hand, including text, emojis and other stickers gives a lot of play to do works of art or creative disasters and share them with your friends, family or acquaintances on WhatsApp.

To improve, the task of saving the stickers. For the moment, after creating them, they will appear in the Recent Stickers. It remains to be seen if in the future you will be able to create groups or folders of stickers to organize them or save the stickers of other users.