You have been using WhatsApp for years and seeing how the images you send are compressed. A 4 or 5 MB photograph that you take with your mobile phone can be left in a few few KB due to WhatsApp compression. This allows the image to be viewed in a much lower quality than the original. Today we have great news if you usually share many images with your friends or family: WhatsApp he is already working on an option to modify the quality of delivery. Say goodbye, if you like, to compressed images and hello to original image quality.

You can send photos by WhatsApp without losing quality

From the beginning of the application the result is the same: you send a photo to a friend and it is compressed considerably. The objective is that the upload and download is done in a fraction of a second and the servers of WhatsApp do not collapse. That’s why when someone sends you an image it appears downloaded directly. If it was not compressed it would take longer.

Well, this is exactly what WhatsApp it is changing. It will not remove compression but it will allow you to choose if you want to use it or not. When you send an image you can select between 3 options: Auto, Best Quality and Data Server.

Auto will select the best option depending on the situation of your network, Best Quality will send the photograph in its original quality and Data Server will compress the photo to save data. Everything indicates that the Data Server option is identical to the one that has been implemented by default for years.

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Thanks to this new function, users will be able to share images of a trip on WhatsApp without sacrificing their quality. Before they had to do it with a rather tedious method of files, by Google Photos or even by email.

This novelty is, at the moment, in tests. We do not know when it will be launched, although everything indicates that it could be ready for the next few weeks. It is something that users have been asking for years to WhatsApp and that is finally a reality.


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