What you should know before visiting the Van Gogh Alive expo

What you should know before visiting the Van Gogh Alive expo

Last year we told you about the arrival of Van Gogh Alive to Mexico. It is an interactive exhibition with some of the most recognized works of this iconic painter and artist. If you have not yet had the opportunity to attend, then we suggest you take a look at this article where you will find some curious information about it. Go Gogh.

While it is true that today Van gogh He is one of the most recognized and valued painters, this was not always the case. During the 19th century, people at that time did not really show any kind of appreciation for his paintings, as it was not the kind of art that was used back then. He even died believing that he would never become someone important.

Curiously, Van gogh it was not the first ‘Vincent‘ of his family. A year before his birth, his parents had another baby with the same name, but unfortunately he passed away during childbirth.

And speaking of brothers, Van gogh also had five: Anna, Theo, Willemina, Elisabeth and Cor. Of all of them, the painter always maintained a very good relationship with Theo, in fact, 621 of the 820 letters discovered to date were addressed to him. It was thanks to The O that Van gogh He decided to become a professional artist, since these letters always included some kind of drawing or illustration and his brother suggested that he dedicate himself to this.

Van gogh He was also someone who maintained an extensive love life. Around 1881, the artist returned to his parents’ house where he ended up falling in love with his cousin Kee You, but it was not reciprocated. A year later he met Sien Hoornik, who eventually became her model and lover as well. Her relatives never approved of this relationship since Sien was a prostitute, in addition to having a five-year-old daughter and was pregnant. Van gogh ended up breaking this relationship.

The works of Van gogh They have always stood out for their vivid colors, but this was not always the case. When I was just getting started Van gogh he usually used dark colors. When he moved to Paris in 1886, Van gogh He had the opportunity to meet many important artists of the time, and it was thanks to their influences that he changed his artistic style to a more colorful one.

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In addition to the above, Van gogh it was also influenced by Japanese woodblock prints. He even created his own copies with a unique style of engravings from Hiroshige, Kesai Eisen And some others.

Perhaps one of the most characteristic elements of Van gogh it is his severed ear. To date it is not known with certainty why, but there is a theory that could explain it. Happens that Van gogh built the Yellow house in Arles, a space dedicated exclusively to artists. Here he lived with Paul gauguin, another famous painter of the time.

In the letters he wrote to his brother, Van gogh He explained that he frequently fought with Gauguin, and that many of these discussions even ended in physical confrontations. It seems it was his own Gauguin who ended up hurting Van Gogh, but this has not been one hundred percent verified.

Banner.-Almond tree

The play you just saw is called ‘Almond blossom‘, and is one of the most recognized paintings of Van Gogh. This painting is the result of the birth of his nephew around 1890. Van gogh He received a letter from his brother informing him about this matter, so he decided to paint something in his honor.

Throughout his life, Van Gogh suffered from many mental disorders. In fact he was in the psychiatric hospital Saint-Paul-de-Mausole in Saint-Rémy. A year later he moved to Auvers, a town near Paris. It was here that the July 29, 1890, Van Gogh He headed towards a wheat field and shot himself once in the chest. Two days later he lost his life. Interestingly, the gun he used to shoot himself was never found and there are suspicions that he may in fact have been killed.


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