What you need to know to make the Income Tax Return online

What you need to know to make the Income Tax Return online

April is one of the most important months for the Treasury, the Tax agency. It is the month in which the Income Statement Campaign. This year, the Income 2021 it must be declared between April 6 and June 30. You can consult the draft online, from your mobile phone or, if you prefer or you have no other choice, ask for an appointment and, when it’s your turn, go to a tax office to make your statement in person, with the help of an Agency employee.

Although each year the Treasury makes it easier for us, nobody likes this procedure, unless they return the excess charge During the past year. Hence, this year we declare the 2021 Income and not that of this current year. For the majority of filers, the official website of the Treasury allows you to consult the draft, add missing information and file the statement. But it is not always clear who should do it or what options there are to make it possible.

Next, we are going to answer the frequently asked questions that we all have in mind when the Income Tax Declaration Campaign begins. And if we leave any doubt, we will tell you how find the official answer directly on the Treasury page.

When does it start and when does it end?

For obvious reasons, the Renta campaign is carried out compared to the previous year, already finished. That is why this year it is time to make the 2021 Income Statement. The campaign officially begins on April 6. That day, you can access Renta Web from your computer or other connected device and view your draft, edit it, and present it. What’s more, from March 8 you could already request the reference number to access your draft. And since March 16 you could already request your tax data of 2021 to prepare your draft on your own.

More important dates. From May 3 you can request an appointment to make the Income Statement 2021 via telephone. On the other side of the device there will be someone from the Treasury to help you, step by step. And from May 5 you will be able to do the same, present the draft with telephone help. Finally, from May 26 you can request an appointment to present the 2021 Income Statement face-to-face, with a member of the Treasury. And from June 1, the first lucky ones will be able to go to their appointment at a Treasury delegation to present the Declaration.

Last important dates. June 27 is the last day you must domicile the payment of your Income 2021 if you went to pay. That is, to enter. That is to say, that the Income Statement “came out” positive. June 29 is the last day to request an appointment. And on June 30 the campaign ends.

If the Declaration came out positive, to pay, the payment dates are stipulated when confirming the draft. You can pay at once or split the payment twice. If, on the other hand, you got negative, to return, there is no exact date on which you will receive that money. Normally it should be before the end of this year.

Who is obliged and/or should do it?

The million dollar question. The Income Statement is not for everyone. But if you have to do it, you are obliged to do it. For this it is convenient review the necessary requirements and that have to do with your income in 2021. You are required to declare your Income for 2021 if you meet any of these requirements:

  • Won more than 22,000 euros per year with your work. This includes income from ERTE or benefits for unemployment. It also affects pensioners.
  • Won more than 14,000 euros per year with your job, if you had two or more payers. This is the case if your second and remaining payer paid you 1,500 euros or less together. The SEPE is also considered payer and if you received from an ERTE.
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In these two assumptions are usually the majority of filers. But they are also obliged to declare, or rather, they should declare, those who are not obliged but get a refund of your personal income tax. Also those who can obtain deductions for investment in habitual residence, international double taxation, etc.

So as not to get your fingers caught, consult the draft of your declaration through Renta Web. Consult it does not oblige you to anything. But this way you will know if the result is negative, and the Treasury will return it to you, or if it is positive, and therefore, you are obliged to present it.

How do I check the draft online?

If you meet the prerequisites and are required to submit the 2021 Income Tax Return or, failing that, you know that the Treasury is going to return the overcharge, the simplest process to submit said Declaration is through Renta Web. It is a web application that works directly from the browser and that it will avoid you having to call by phone or physically go to a Treasury delegation. In addition, you will be among the first to present the Declaration and, if you are lucky, collect.

So without further delay, let’s get to the Draft / tax return processing service (Renta WEB). As you will see, you must indicate who you are. There are three ways to do it: with your DNI/NIE number, with your digital certificate or with your electronic DNI.

The easiest way to access the draft is using your ID. We indicate the numbers and letter. Next, you must indicate the validity date of the same. If you are already registered in Cl@ve, they will recommend that you continue there. In both cases, you can request the reference number by clicking on Get Reference. If you made the 2020 Income Statement, you may be asked to enter the number that appears in a certain box. Finally, you will get a Reference code to consult the draft as many times as you need.

you can also modify your contact information with the Tax Agency, consult fiscal data, consult census data, modify your fiscal domicile, etc. Finally, you can manage your user of the Treasury mobile application.

Precisely, the second way to consult your draft online is from your smartphone or tablet. Available for iPhone, iPad and Androidthe app Tax agency gives you access to practically the same information and procedures that you will find on the official website of the Treasury. To log in you must have configured a Cl@ve PIN. To do so, you must register at this link.

I need more information

The Tax Agency has arranged everything so that the taxpayer himself view your draft, edit it, and submit it from your web browser. As easy as it sounds. Obviously, the technical process is simple, but the administrative process it is not so much. Difficult concepts to translate, complicated calculations and that constant fear because we don’t know if we have left something out or put in more.

If the above is not enough for you solve your doubts about the 2021 Income Campaign, don’t worry. First of all, you can consult the help of Treasury. There you will find all the answers. Calendar, computer doubts, manuals, frequent questions

You will find another interesting help when accessing the Draft / tax return processing service (Renta WEB). In the bottom right corner, you will see a floating window with a green phone icon. Is named Basic Tax Information and offers service from Monday to Friday from 9 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon. With a call over the internetyou will need a microphone and/or speaker, you will be able to solve doubts while consulting the draft.