What would Pattinson look like in The Batman 2?

What would Pattinson look like in The Batman 2?

batman It was a complete success at the box office. The Matt Reeves movie was so well received that a sequel is already in development. Although at the moment there are no details about this tape, this has not stopped fans from starting to speculate about some of the elements that we will see in the film. Thus, An artist has created the suit that Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight could very well wear in this adventure.

Through his Instagram account, the artist known as Reynaldo_art created concept art that gives us a look at the suit Pattinson would wear in Batman 2. Here we not only see an evolution of what appeared in the first film, but a clear inspiration in one of the most popular DC stories in recent years.


Reynaldo_art’s suit is more streamlined and features armor that connects to everything more seamlessly. As you could see, there are also a number of details, especially on the chest and head, that make clear the inspiration in Batman’s clothing in the history of injustice.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for official information on The Batman 2. On related topics, Christian Bale would return as Batman under one condition. Similarly, the actor has revealed why he has not seen batman.


Editor’s note:

The Batman presented us with a rather interesting costume for the character. Although for some the clothing of Ben Affleck or Christian Bale is his favorite, that of Robert Pattinson has more real elements, such as boots. I want to see The Batman 2.

Via: Reynaldo_art

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