What would Elden Ring look like for SNES with a 64-bit Demake?

What would Elden Ring look like for SNES with a 64-bit Demake?

February of this year saw the long-awaited release of Elden Ring, the latest game from FromSoftware considered a great contender for GOTY 2022. The success of Elden Ring has been such that it has inspired other players, such as a very talented one who imagined a demake of Elden Ring in 64 bitsas if it were from Super Nintendo.

The demake of Elden Ring for SNES was presented this Wednesday by the channel 64 bits on YouTube, or 64 bits animation on their social networks. Through a one and a half minute video, the channel shows us what Elden Ring would have looked like in the Super Nintendo era with spectacular results.

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The Demake of Elden Ring that we see in the 64-bit trailer shows bosses, enemies and iconic areas of FromSoftware’s latest game, so anyone who has played it will be able to recognize some of them in their pixel art versions, such as the giants, margit , Malenia and even Ranni the witch.

It’s Elden Ring but it’s 1995 and it’s on the SNES”, was what the 64 Bits Animation account said on its social networks when it presented a small clip of its trailer, showing some of the most important scenes in just 15 seconds. This short clip is enough to imagine what Elden Ring would look like on the SNES as a side-view 2D action RPG, although the open world areas show a view from above.

Elden Ring is one of the most acclaimed games of 2022 and is one of the biggest contenders for Game of the Year, so it’s no surprise to learn that it has such a dedicated fan base to create an Elden Ring SNES demake.

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