What would a Tinder look like to bring doctors and nurses together?

What would a Tinder look like to bring doctors and nurses together?
  • Currently, Tinder remains the world’s leading dating app.
  • It has 57 million active users per month and is constantly growing.
  • Within the field of health, LP exists as a way in which relationships between workers are specified.

For health professionals, the priority should always be patients. Although there are also other aspects that are necessary such as personal relationships. In order to make others feel good, you must first pay attention to personal well-being. For the same reason, the existence of applications such as Tinder can be useful among doctors and nurses due to the high level of stress they experience.

affective relationships are the basis of mental health. Both friends and romantic relationships are very useful to maintain sanity. In addition, your support in times of crisis and adversity is essential to get ahead.

A million dollar idea with a global presence

But before knowing what a Tinder Doctors and nurses must first understand the general operation of this mobile application. It was created in 2011 and as time has passed it has gained relevance.

Broadly speaking, it is a social network to get an appointment with people from their photographs. Based on common tastes and affinities, it is the perfect tool for flirting. It also uses GPS to identify people who are closest to your location. Sometimes it is the beginning of something serious and in others it only serves for something temporary.

Something that distinguishes this digital tool is that it is free and anyone can use it. For the same reason, the profession of the users does not matter because everything is as simple as opening an account, uploading a photo and immediately you can start looking for your new love.


To date, it is the leading app of its kind in the world. It is estimated that he has 57 million active users per month and it has worked to link people all over the planet. Its impact is so great that it has been mentioned in songs and movies. Today everyone knows it even if they have never used it.

But in a hypothetical case that there was a Tinder for doctors and nurses, what would it be like? To begin with, it would be an easier way to promote intrahospital relationships. From MIPs to specialists could use it. In addition, it would also allow the union with personnel from other hospitals.

The modern version of the LP?

On the other hand, some may argue that this option already exists and is LP. This term is one of the best known among health professionals because since they enter university it is one of the first to learn.

Despite the general changes, it has remained current due to the lifestyle of young people in medicine. The days they face in hospitals are exhausting. They must also remain locked up and have practically no contact with other people. For the same reason, the relationship between co-workers is so close.

For now, how do you imagine an application like Tinder that was exclusively for doctors and nurses?