What will happen in the year 2032?

What will happen in the year 2032?

This phenomenon is due to the fact that technological and human development occurs exponentially and not linearly. Currently, the changes are much more noticeable because we are living in a very advanced stage of this development.

Exponential is understood as growth or development that increases more and more rapidly and more and more noticeably. This is because exponential growth builds up and the rate at which innovations appear is influenced by the growth and the new inventions that precede it.

Seeing the evolution of technology, it is very easy to notice this exponential growth. In the year 1400 appears the printing press. Then, 200 years later, in 1600, the telescope. 100 years later, in the 1700s, steam engines. 100 years later, the telegraph, in 1800. 50 years later, the telephone. It took 30 years for the automobile to appear, before 1900. In 1930, television. The arrival on the moon was in 1969. From the year 2000 the microprocessor, word processors, laptops, mobile phones, etc. appear.

Your smartphone has more processing power than the computer that took humans to the moon. Instead, it took thousands of years for humans to perfect the stone age tools.

In the next 10 years, you will experience more changes than in the rest of human history. Now there are more advances than ever, added to all the accumulated experience and the number of scientists and engineers who are working on them.

A curious fact: in the United States alone there are more living scientists working than in the rest of human history.

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What will happen in 10 years? We do not know. The only sure thing is that everything will be completely different.

There is no point in fighting or rebelling against this. The wave of change, and of history, is much stronger and much larger than the human being. Many people in the course of history have tried to oppose the changes, but the only thing they achieved was personal suffering and suffering with their environment.

Instead, celebrate that you are part of this wonderful time and that you are part of these changes that will lead us to conquer (or at least explore) the stars.

In case you think that you are already too old for this to matter to you, it is essential that you understand that life expectancy also responds to the same laws of exponential change. The first person to turn 150 is already walking the earth with us. Who knows, maybe it’s you.

I invite you to try to adapt as quickly as possible and reinvent yourself to try to survive in a world where the only constant is change.

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