Bad news for Snapchat followers. For a few hours the service has been down, preventing users from performing some basic actions on its platform.

The issue has begun to generate all kinds of comments on social networks, from where the service itself has confirmed the failure of its platform.

Snapchat is not dead, it grows faster than in the last 4 years

The first reports indicate that this problem has prevented hundreds of people from correctly posting updates to their stories as well as sending messages through the service.

Specifically, Downdetector indicates that the failure reached its highest point around 8 in the morning, where general failures in the application (38 percent), issues related to content loading (31 percent) and the connection to the service (31 percent) account for the majority of complaints.

Source: Downdetector

What was said by Snapchat

Faced with the failure, from its official Twitter account, Snapchat has confirmed the failure, ensuring that it is already investigating the problem with a view to delivering a solution to the affected users.

“We are aware that some Snapchatters are having trouble using the app at the moment. Waiting! We are investigating it! “

Although the source of the problem is not yet clear, the truth is that it seems to be a minor flaw that, although it has affected the experience of hundreds of users for several hours, could be solved in the following hours.

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It is important to mention that the failure is only visible when trying to post a new story or try to send a message.

Although the failure seems minor, from social networks some users have echoed the problem, which has already begun to leave a horde of memes as usual in these cases:

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