What to do in case of a spider bite? Redtox, the app that tells you how to react

What to do in case of a spider bite?  Redtox, the app that tells you how to react

This point not only works when it comes to an emergency, but also in prevention, since it contains images to compare with the animal and, in case of not having enough information, you can choose to contact a specialist within the list of experts you have. “Most of them are emergency medicine specialists,” Sandoval points out, as they are usually available 24/7.

Likewise, there is a section within the app where specialists can talk about the cases they have treated or technical-scientific studies that support the information and recommendations shared in Redtox.

According to Redtox data, in Mexico there are about 50 deaths from scorpion stings and 35 from snake bites per year; however, “nobody should die from this situation,” highlights the organization’s coordinator. “In Mexico, safe and effective quality antivenoms are produced, in addition to the fact that we have highly trained experts.”

The Redtox app still has to overcome challenges

The main challenge that this app has faced is the technological gap and they have managed to solve it in certain aspects, since the app works both with an internet connection and without it; however, an issue that does not depend on the organization is connectivity and access to devices by the population.

Another issue that Sandoval agrees should work on is the development of information in indigenous languages. For this, he comments that they are working in other formats, such as telemedicine, to contribute to community prevention, mainly in rural areas.