Axie Infinity has become one of the online video games most proclaimed today. Its popularity continues to rise and day after day new people join the game, motivated by the possibility of having fun and making some money at the same time.

For you, who are just beginning to be interested in this game, today we will show you the requirements that it asks for to play it, either on your PC or on your cell phone.

These are the minimum requirements to play Axie Infinity from PC

Let’s start talking about the PC. Pay close attention and remember what you will need to play, if you are a beginner you will need to memorize many tips, since you will not find this directly in the game. If you do not take these requirements into account, you will not know what it is if the game does not run on your PC.

  1. You must have a processor intended to support SSE2 instructions.
  2. Graphics card with Pixel Shader version 4.0 (DX 10) or higher version.
  3. Minimum a few 600 MB free on storage from the hard drive.
  4. Windows XP does not support Directx 10 (DX 10), so Axie Infinity cannot be played in this Windows version. It must be on Windows 7 or higher.
  5. Minimum 2 GB of RAM memory.

Does it show in the game graphics if I have a powerful graphics card in my PC?

The graphics card is the one that is responsible for sketching all the figures that we see during a game, the interface in general, the settings, characters and much more. Many video games, as in the case of Axie Infinity, have graphics specially developed for very powerful graphics cards. For this reason, the perfect visualization of the Axie graphic structure will depend on the card you have in your PC.

What are the minimum requirements for a Smartphone?

On the other hand, although the requirements are less demanding on a smartphone, they are just as important. You will need to have the following requirements:

  1. The operating system must be iOS or Android, because otherwise it will not allow us to play Axie.
  2. The version of the mobile operating system must be at least iOS 6 or Android 4.1.
  3. The smartphone must have at least 100MB of free storage.
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How to improve game performance if I don’t meet the requirements and have lag?

What Requirements does Axie Infinity ask me to play it? - PC or Cellular

It is very common that if all the requirements to play Axie Infinity are not met to the maximum the game is extremely slow or does not work at all. But it is possible to fix these errors. Keep reading this article to find out what to do in this case.

On your Android mobile device

If the mobile with a different operating system than the one required to use Axie Infinity on your Android, you should try updating to the newest version of said system, to the one available for the mobile model you have, making sure that it is among the game compatible.

It is more common for the game to crash when using it from a computer, but the mobile phone does not escape this problem either. One of the basic solutions to this problem is to close the game and open it again, or also restart the device with which we play.

If you have an iPhone

Despite being different operating systems, as with Android, make sure you have a compatible iOS version with Axie Infinity or upgrade your iPhone to one that is.

Another thing that we must take into account is the storage space that the mobile has, since if it is less than 100 MB the game will not work correctly. Delete files and Apps that we do not use It not only brings us advantages in the case of Axie, but it is also suitable for the execution of other programs.

Being cell phones it is easier to adapt to the requirements that Axie Infinity asks for, but this changes when using a computer.

What Requirements does Axie Infinity ask me to play it? - PC or Cellular

From Windows PC

It is virtually impossible for Axie Infinity to run flawlessly without meeting the minimum requirements it imposes to play it, so it is convenient to adapt the PC to what the game program needs (the right graphics card, a good processor, storage space, etc.).

And in case it gets stuck, you have to start by restarting the game or the computer. In addition, it can be tested by opening the game on mobile, since it often works there when it does not on PC. This is the reason why many players recommend installing it on cell phones.

If this does not work, it may be a problem with the servers, which are saturated with the number of players that can be connected, a problem very seen in all video games.