What photographers can ask the wise men without costing them money

What photographers can ask the wise men without costing them money

2022 will be another photographic year, with its good and bad things. And as always it will depend on everything that surrounds us and what we do as photographers. Tonight the wise men arrive, we have written them a letter asking for material things, but still we are in time to ask for things that do not cost anything, more than anything for the times that run.

This year has been very complicated in every way. We have all had a hard time. But photography has been there to help us get through the months of confinement. In addition, it has an advantage: it is lonely. It always works out better if you go alone. It may be more boring, yes.

So we are going to look for free gifts that we can ask for, or that we can do directly, so that this new year is the best possible from a photographic point of view.

The best photo gifts that don’t cost a penny

If you like photography, you have at least a camera, a lens and a computer with a program to develop your shots. It is true that we all want to have something else to achieve that quality we dream of, but it is not possible. So here come proposals.

Enjoy the team we have

We have to take what we have to the limit. With a good technique that we can learn and develop, we can surely enjoy our equipment to unsuspected limits. It is a cliché, but if you are good, it does not matter what equipment you have.

One of the best photographers we have in Spain, he has been working for years with a camera that many now despise because it is a SLR. And I can assure you that he does not care, because he knows what is really important when it comes to being a photographer.

You can tell they enjoy: Kubrick and Weegee

If we work with our material, with what we already have, and we stop looking at what the neighbor has, surely we progress much more than with the purchase of a new equipment. We will have it when the bank account allows it.

Flee, if you can, from the picturesque places

Read the books stored in your library

A new book will always be well received. But we all have in our library the occasional forgotten one, which we have never read or did not understand at the time. Or that it simply stayed below all the ones you’ve been buying.

A new book will always be well received. But we all have in our library some or other forgotten, that we have never read or that we did not understand at the time.

So may be a good time to sit down and review everything we have. On these cold days it can be a good time to see if you have an unreleased rehearsal, like Eduardo Momeñe’s, or some other classic like Roland Barthes’s.

You may have the odd catalog that you bought with a lot of desire. And now you realize the writings that he has in addition to the photographs. You are surprised by the amount of information they have and they will help you with the first gift that we have discussed.

Photographic education

I will never understand people who seek confrontation with other photographers in order to impose their ideas or simply because they do not agree with the contrary.

Much is learned in discussions with photographers on any subject. In classes, in meals and in meetings you can discover more things than anywhere else about this world. And not everyone has to agree with you, it would be very boring.

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wise men

The happy three

Y always with education and putting yourself in the place of the other. This is important, really. You have no idea what is happening or how it may affect you. Or maybe you have not been able to express your opinion well. Or directly you have not understood.

I always admire people who praise in public and criticize in private. It is something that in social networks is forgotten

I always admire people who praise in public and criticize in private. It is something that is forgotten in social networks. Many are in charge of launching their hosts if they see someone say something with which they do not agree. And that is dangerous. And rude.

If you think that a comment on the networks can be hurtful, that you would not like it to be done to you, do not do it. Maybe you have met that person on some occasion and you can talk directly to him. It really is a gift that you can give yourself and that will give you many surprises.

Walking around without looking for the perfect photograph

Time is money but not for photography. One of the biggest frustrations that first-time photographers find is that they want to get the perfect shot on their weekend outing. And it may or may not.

Taking a good photograph is not easy at all. It does not matter what camera you have and how many years you have been with it on your shoulder. The only secret is the time you dedicate. And learn the technique so well that you forget about it the moment you shoot.

The images we see day after day are technically perfect, without noise, with well-measured light. But they are becoming more and more similar to each other. Now we know the exact location, we have the same knowledge and we are going to do a shot. We do not risk to take advantage of the time.

A gift that we can give ourselves is to try to escape from fashions and photograph in a different way, discover new places and look for our style. It is not so much about shooting, but about fishing (these are two ways of dealing with our hobby).

wise men

Traveling would be nice too

You have to walk a lot, wear shoes, as a great photographer said. Maybe one day we get nothing and the next we have everything done in fifteen minutes. Let’s forget about carrying kilos of material and let’s simplify. I will try with the mobile without falling into radicalism.

Or if you are a mobile phone, try going out with one without a mirror or the SLR that you have in the back of the closet. The gift is trying to get out of what you know, if you feel like it, and try new things.

In short, we can do many things to improve our work without spending money. I don’t want to fall for messages from Mr wonderful because everyone can do what they want, it would be missing more (and without the need to get angry or criticize). Sorry if it seemed like a self-help article

A true story in which photography is the protagonist

The good thing about photography is that, for many, it is a hobby and allows you to act as you please. And really, what the only thing that is not necessary is to criticize from behind. Things will be much better for you and you will be happier. And the photos will be better.