Counter-Strike has become one of the most played shooting games of all. Its innovative game dynamics captivated millions of players who continue to play today.

Counter-Strike goes beyond what is the typical generic shooter and that is why it is liked by so many users. However, if you are looking for other alternatives to Counter-Strike without having to pay, we leave you a list of multiplayer games similar to Counter-Strike.

The best of all is that almost all the game Androides that we will name do not require great requirements to be able to play them, and many of them can be played on not-so-powerful mobile devices and without the Internet.

What other games are there like Counter Strike for PC, PS4 or Android?


In this great MMOFPS game, you can choose from a large number of characters and equipment before joining a game. You have a wide variety of weapons, from sniper rifles to shotguns for head-to-head engagements.

It also offers you the possibility to upgrade your weapons with features, custom items and improved ammunition, not to mention the possibility that you can acquire unique weapons equipment such as drones or special rifles that cause a lot of damage.

It has several game modes such as Team Deathmatch, plant the bomb and Take & Hold. Finally, you can join a clan and play in ranked battles both alone and with your clan, and the better you rank, the greater the rewards.

To close, the graphics and sounds really immerse you in the game and the interface is very easy to use, making it a great game.

Piercing Blow

This is a tactical shooter game based on Counter-Strike and like it, it presents two enemy sides which are the terrorists and the special forces.

In each game, you can earn points that you can later use to buy weapons in the game store. It also has a mission system that rewards users who play continuously.

Operation 7

A great game of fast-paced and modern weapons. At first, you will start with basic equipment but as you win games you will get the money that you can use to get better weapons and suits.

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This game has some very good sound effects that immerse you much more in the game, making the experience much more positive. It also has the peculiarity that you can modify your weapon as much as you want.

What other games are there like Counter Strike for PC, PS4 or Android?

This game offers five fun modes to play: Headhunting, Team Match, Survival, Demolition and Gold Rush. The rooms can include up to 24 players depending on the game mode.

In addition, the host of the room can make game settings before starting such as friendly fire, the time of the game and the number of deaths that must be achieved to win the game.


This is a fast-paced shooter developed by NovaLink where the player will be able to choose between two sides to resolve an armed conflict.

Each game you play will grant you points that you can exchange for teams to improve your weapons. In addition, you can customize your avatar with a variety of items cosmetics such as masks and banners that will make you unique in the field.

The best of all is that it is a game with high graphic quality despite its minimum requirements. In fact, it is possible to run this game on 32-bit computers.


Other Axeso 5 shooting games. In Zula, you will have maps of Russia, the Middle East and areas of Iraq. You can also create a clan to play with your friends and participate in tournaments.

In this game, there are two armed teams to which you can belong and it has different game modes among which stand out capture the flag, team deathmatch, pitched battle or wanted.

You can choose from a catalog of more than 150 weapons without mentioning the ones that are introduced later. Finally, it offers a mission system with which you can get fabulous rewards.

Black squad

A game that weighs only 5gb and has the typical modalities of Team Deathmatch or deactivating the bomb, where if you die, you will have to wait for the next round.