Home Health What is this anxiolytic for and what side effects can it cause?

What is this anxiolytic for and what side effects can it cause?

What is this anxiolytic for and what side effects can it cause?

The consumption of anxiolytics and antidepressants has skyrocketed in Spain in the last decade. According to the Business Federation of Spanish Pharmacists the Orfidal drug is the best-selling anxiolytic, below only pain relievers (Nolotil, Paracetamol, etc.) and some other very common ones such as aspirin. What is Orfidal and what side effects can its consumption cause?

What is Orfidal and what is it used for?

The prospectus of the Orfidal shows that it is a tranquilizer-anxiolytic used to treat anxiety and tension. It also acts against insomnia due to overload or overexcitement or any alteration that comes from nervousness such as a digestive disorder of nervous origin.

In At no time should we self-medicate with this or other anxiolytics without proper medical supervision. We need a prescription to obtain it since its improper use can lead to serious side effects, as we will see later.

Its properties provide a hypnotic, sedative and muscle relaxation activity. It is also anticonvulsant and amnestic, so it can be administered in situations of high nervousness that also prevent good sleep.

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Therefore, it serves to eliminate nervousness and reduce everything that this implies: insomnia, anxiety and alterations derived from nervous origin. Due to this clinical picture, the consumption of anxiolytic and antidepressant drugs has increased considerably in Spain, since the whirlwind of day to day makes us enter a labyrinth of stress from which it is often difficult to get out by oneself.

Orfidal should not be consumed in various situations

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Lorazepam is the active ingredient in Orfidal. Yes, we are allergic to the same or to the benzodiazepines that include lorazempan, we should not consume it. Nor if we study Myasthenia gravis, a disease whose characteristic is fatigue and weak muscles. As it is an anxiolytic, we should not use it in those cases.

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For other diseases like severe respiratory failure, sleep apnea, or severe liver disease Nor is the consumption of Orfidal recommended. In any case, your doctor should prescribe this drug according to personal characteristics.

Tolerance to Orfidal

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Orfidal must be obtained with a prescription since its abuse can cause serious health problems, starting with losing its effectiveness. Our body adapts to the calming and anxiolytic effects of Orfidalso its effects will be less if consumed frequently.

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One of the main mistakes is that when the effect is less, there is a tendency to increase the dose to achieve the same effects. do this, or prolonging the treatment for a long time will carry a higher risk of serious side effects.

Possible adverse effects of Orfidal

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Like all medicines, this drug has a long list of side effects. Some of those effects they may occur rarely and others may be more frequent. The consumption of Orfital can cause disorders in the blood and the lymphatic system, altering the platelets, white blood cells and cells in general.

The immune system can be altered, arising allergy-like reactions. Antidiuretic hormone may also be altered, although the frequency of these disorders is currently unknown based on available data.

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Psychiatric disorders can appear more frequently: confusion, depression, and change in sexual desire. Due to a state of nervousness we can notice a feeling of suffocation or dizziness. Another alteration may be the appearance of nausea.

It is common for symptoms of fatigue, tiredness, and muscle weakness since the sedative effect of Orfital produces it. An alternative option that does not have side effects is the practice of physical exercise, a proper diet and meditation work to control, as far as possible, nervousness, anxiety and insomnia.

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