What is the most effective online advertising for your clinic?

What is the most effective online advertising for your clinic?

Currently, digital advertising is the order of the day and this is thanks to tools such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads that are already available to more people every day. That is why, as a health professional, you should know what types of online advertising campaign will be most effective for your clinic, which we show you below.

facebook ads

Online advertising on the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg is the order of the day since it is a social network that has a large number of users and that is why it is a perfect platform for advertising on the Internet. Through Facebook Ads you will be able to advertise your clinic on social networks and one of the advantages is that it allows you to show these ads on Instagram as well.

In addition to the number of potential clients you can reach, you will also achieve other benefits by advertising on this social network, such as the following:

  • Great segmentation since Facebook has a lot of information about the personal, tastes and hobbies of each of its users.
  • You will be able to interact with your users, since thanks to this type of online advertising, users will be able to put their comments or give their likes.
  • This is a very cheap type of online advertising since you pay for the clicks your ad receives.
  • Facebook puts at your disposal a large amount of data about your campaigns that will allow you to measure their results very well.

Another type of online advertising that is most successful is that carried out in Google Ads and some of the ways to advertise on this Google advertising platform are the following:

  • Red display: serves to reinforce the image of your office and reinforce your brand. It not only supports text but also supports graphics.
  • Search Network: This type of campaign acts as a kind of invitation to the user. It is based on a text-only campaign and its purpose is telephone contact or a form through the website of your medical office.
  • Video: YouTube belongs to Google and also has a space for your campaigns through which you try to publicize a new service or product in order to buy or contract it.
  • Apps: Google Ads also has universal app campaigns, which are great for businesses that want to promote their various Android apps. This will be perfect if your health brand or doctor’s office has a mobile app.
  • Shooping: Google Shopping will allow your medical center great visibility thanks to the product sheets. It also serves to stand out from the rest of the competition clinics.
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These are the two main forms of online advertising that exist, although it is true that there are emerging social networks that are succeeding today, such as Instagram and TikTok, so you should also take this into account when launching any campaign in the online environment.

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