What is the Metaverse? These 5 questions will help you understand it

 What is the Metaverse?  These 5 questions will help you understand it

Despite all the explanations and talks that we have been able to read or hear about the metaverse, many are still unclear. Specifically, many users around the world are still wondering what exactly is the Metaverse that has been talked about so much lately. As we told you, this is a question that arose after the presentation last October by the founder of the Facebook social network, Mark Zuckerberg, of his vision of the Metaverse.

The first thing we need to know is that this concept is not new, but it is in full growth. Although it is not easy to find a specific definition, some questions about it can help us to resolve our doubts. The first thing we need to know is that the term as such first appeared in a science fiction novel from 1992. It referred to a parallel virtual world in which people were avatars.

What is the Metaverse really?

To give us a rough idea, the Metaverse is a virtual space in which users can communicate and interact each. But it is not currently seen as a virtual parallel world delimited in any way. By this we mean that the elements of the virtual world must be represented in the real world, and the components of the real world must be able to be brought into the virtual one. This means that virtual and augmented reality will play a decisive role here.

Thus, all the elements of both worlds must be connected. If we compare this to today’s internet, for example, most platforms are independent. For example, YouTube has a wide range of videos, but we cannot access Netflix or HBO from here. The reason for this is that these are provided by different providers who have no commercial interest in communicating with each other. But the idea of ​​the Metaverse is that it is not controlled by anyone, making it easy to move and share items, coins, and more. Hence the growing importance of NFTsdigital possessions that cannot be copied.

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Questions to understand the concept

The first question we can ask ourselves in this regard is the vision of companies towards the Metaverse. Well, taking into account the close union of this concept with virtual and augmented reality, there are many firms that are working on future projects related to all of this. A clear example of this is found in Microsoft, Facebook or Epic Games. If we wonder why you are Tech companies invest in the Metaverse, the answer is obvious: economic benefit. And it is that all this virtual world opens a wide range of possibilities to those firms that want to take advantage of it.

Another important concept here is understand its operation. Assuming that this is an environment that is in full bloom, it is still very difficult to know how it will affect our lives. But it is interesting to know that it will try to unite our work and personal lives thanks to VR, the internet and all kinds of platforms and shared objects. Of course, in the event that we consider whether Currently the Metaverse already exists, the answer is clear: no. And it is that as the companies involved are describing it to us, this is something that does not yet exist.

virtual reality

Although we are seeing some vestiges of it in certain games and other platforms, there is still a long way to go. All this is something that is extensible both at the software and hardware level.

In the same way we can ask ourselves about the dangers that all this can bring us. Well, at this time the problems and dangers of the Metaverse are difficult to assess. But it is estimated that all this will be similar to what is happening today with social networks and similar platforms. Besides, the virtual and augmented reality will make our Privacyif we do not take the appropriate measures, be even more vulnerable.