What is the irritating character that connects Elden Ring with the Dark Souls saga

What is the irritating character that connects Elden Ring with the Dark Souls saga

The Elden Ring gaming community is enjoying the beloved open world developed by FromSoftware, as this game may outwardly resemble Dark Souls, but it is a very different beast in terms of narrative and lore.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that this does not mean that there are no connection points between the new From Software video game, with Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne and the Dark Souls saga. A streamer named ChusoMMontero happened upon Patches while exploring a dungeon.

The character appears moments after the player opens a treasure chest. Patches is a desperately familiar face to all fans of From Software games. His debut dates back to a PS2 game called Shadow Tower Abyss, but his first known appearance is in Armored Core.

In that game there is a rival pilot by the name of Patch the Good Luck and an unusual habit of shooting from the air instead of fighting face to face. The following year, in Demon’s Souls, we discover a character named Patches the Hyena. He is a treacherous coward who tries to lure the protagonist into compromising situations to try to kill him and loot his corpse.

In his two stellar appearances he apologizes to the player if he survives and, if you don’t kill him, he ends up setting up a small store. In the PS5 remake, the designers gave him a new face, something that was not very liked by some fans, but I must grant that it is a face that you want to hit from minute one.

A certain Trusty Patches appears again in Dark Souls. Their appearances are highly dependent on the player’s progress. Again, he tries to trick the player with the promise of treasure only to end up throwing the player off some cliff. If the player controls his desire to kill him, he will set up a shop in the starting area.

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Many players’ favorite Patches cameo takes place in Bloodborne. In the depths of the Lovecraftian nightmare that is that game, you find a Patches the Spider, which is the one we all know, but with a spider’s body. Initially he appears behind a door and delivers an important item to the player, but later we can interact with him face to face and, of course, he ends up throwing us off a cliff full of bugs.

In Dark Souls 3 it returns, this time under the name of Unbreakable Patches. Here he continues with his deadly tricks and even steals another character’s armor. However, the character ends up finding a custom ending in the expansion, with his most recent involvement in Elden Ring, where he takes us from behind, but as always ends up chickening out mid-fight.