What is the importance of the messaging system in FromSoftware titles

What is the importance of the messaging system in FromSoftware titles

The Elden Ring gaming community is getting into FromSoftware’s latest video game, and like other titles in the Souls formula, the game mechanics of the middle lands allow us to overcome some of the dangers thanks to communication or interaction. with other players.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, one of the best examples of this is that in Elden Ring you can leave messages on the ground with information for other players. Which is useful considering there are details that we either haven’t paid attention to or might not be as intuitive.

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An example of this could be how to find an item and even the next Place of Grace. Of course, this message system is one of the best tools that FromSoftware has provided to players in its deliveries. Even if we expand more on the usefulness that these messages can have, it should be remembered that it is a good way to warn others of an upcoming ambush.

Although, of course, if we think of all the possibilities that a system like this allows, there are those in which the message is of no use to other players. In other words, some of the Elden Ring fans just leave messages with jokes or jokes, others show references to their favorite video games and movies… while others just write them to trick other players into falling into the void or into traps. .

To have better control over this last situation, FromSoftware allows you to rate these messages, which compensates with health recovery if your own messages are rated by other users. Of course, this fact has led to useful posts for other Elden Ring users receiving a considerable number of ratings, thanks to the help they provide.

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