What is the Cl@ve PIN and how to obtain it online

What is the Cl@ve PIN and how to obtain it online

Bureaucracy is one of the drawbacks of public administration, but little by little technology is reducing distances and making any public procedure easier. For example, contact the online administration, from your computer or from your smartphone. Thanks to the digital certificate, the electronic DNI or the Cl@ve PIN You can do practically any procedure. This way you will avoid traveling, queuing or making an appointment.

Precisely, the Cl@ve PIN is one of the simpler methods to access Administration online. You can easily request your own Cl@ve PIN and thus carry out procedures from your smartphone or from your computer. You only need a valid DNI/NIE and a mobile phone on which to install the official application.

Once registered in the Cl@ve PIN system, when you want to carry out a procedure with the Public Administration through the Electronic Headquarters of each organism, you will get a PIN code single use only. This code will be renewed automatically so that your access to the Administration is safe and nobody can access your data or impersonate you.

I want to get my Cl@ve PIN

To use the Cl@ve PIN system you will need to register previously. There are three ways to do it. Two of them online, with or without a digital certificate, and one in person. Choosing one or the other will depend on your personal situation and the time you have available. Let’s see each one.

First method: online without electronic certificate. The easiest way to be part of Cl@ve PIN is by requesting a Letter of Invitation. On paper. You will receive it at your fiscal address by postal mail. In that letter you will get a secure verification code (CSV). To apply you must start registration in Cl@ve. you shall indicate your DNI/NIE and its validity date. You will be asked if you want to receive the invitation letter. Click on “Yes, send me an invitation letter to my fiscal address” and wait to receive said letter.

When you receive the letter, it will include a Safe Code of Verificationsimilar to the one you get when you want consult the draft of the Income. you will have to go back to start registration in Cl@ve and mark the option “I already have an invitation letter”. You must enter the code of the letter. Next, you must indicate some contact information. In addition to the DNI, the Administration needs a mobile phone number and one Email address. We accept the conditions of service, confirm the registration and done. You will receive a welcome SMS message.

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Second method: online with electronic certificate or DNIe. We proceed to start registration in Cl@ve and we choose the option with a certificate or electronic DNI. The process is faster because you only have to enter the DNI/NIE, the expiration date, identify yourself with the certificate or DNIe and, finally, indicate a mobile phone number and an email address. We accept the conditions of service, confirm the registration and done. You will receive a welcome SMS message.

Third method: in person at a Registry Office. First we will have to find an office where we can register in the Cl@ve system. On this page is the online office search engine. Once you have located an office where you carry out this procedure, it is convenient ask by phone if we must request an appointment and what documents we need. Once there, we will register with the on-site service.

It should be remembered that the first method of registering with Cl@ve PIN gives us access to a catalog of certain procedures. But if we want to access the entire range, we must opt ​​for the other two methods.

How to use the Cl@ve PIN

Once registered in the Cl@ve PIN system, every time you access a procedure online compatible with Cl@ve, the system itself will recommend using it. It is an alternative to the digital certificate and the electronic DNI. You will only need to indicate your DNI/NIE and the access code. The access key is made up of two elements. A fixed code that you chose when you registered with Cl@ve PIN and three characters that expire every 10 minutes and that you will receive on your mobile phone via the official app.

That is why it is convenient to install the app on your regular phone Cl@ve PINavailable for iPhone and Android. From there you can change your personal data associated with Cl@ve, request the temporary code and other procedures.