If after following a diet and exercise routine you still have stubborn fat that refuses to disappear, take advantage of this article and discover how to eliminate it.

What is stubborn fat and how can it be removed?

Last update: November 25, 2021

Stubborn fat is the one that has the greatest resistance to disappearingeven when you try too hard in your physical activity. It is housed in specific places and it is hard to eliminate it! It is also known as last fatas it persists until the end of a weight reduction process.

This fat, which gets in the way of your goals, requires an additional, different and effective process to eliminate it. It is important to modify habits, which includes your exercise routines, your diet and even going to a medical team. Here are the best tips to permanently expel them. Do not miss them!

What is stubborn fat?

Stubborn fat is a type of subcutaneous fat, that is to say, located just under the skin. The expression is used to indicate the last fat that you need to eliminate to be in a percentage below the average of the population that meets your characteristics.

It is noted because it accumulates in specific parts of the body. If you have been through a strenuous process of eating and exercising, at some point you will notice that they have no effect on small clumps of fat. That’s the rebel.

Its location may vary according to each person, but the most common is that it is located around the hips and thighs in women. While in men it tends to be noticeable in the abdomen.

Stubborn fat can spell disappointment and frustration after long hours of exercise and diet.

Diet tips to eliminate it

Before showing you a routine to eliminate stubborn fat, it is important that we review the eating habits. Follow these tips to battle this surplus:

  • Keep eating fewer calories of which you can burn daily.
  • Lower your carbohydrate intake up to a quarter of the caloric load.
  • Increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber and protein.
  • Train a few times on an empty stomach. This can lead to metabolic benefits that accelerate fat burning. It is important to monitor its effectiveness, because the least you want are consequences that compromise the process in general.
  • Incorporate supplements rich in caffeine and tyrosine after consulting with a specialist.

Exercises to eliminate stubborn fat

You must train with a lot of will and strength, devising an intense workout plan that will make stubborn fat disappear. The following program can help you in this mission:

  • Start by drinking coffee or a caffeine supplement 30 minutes before.
  • Do a little warm-up.
  • Do a 10-minute high-density interval training (HIIT). Take 3 turns of 10 burpees and 25 weightless squats, with 10 seconds rest between rounds. Then 6 sessions of sprints (running at maximum speed small distances) of 20 seconds, with 45 seconds of rest between them.
  • Take a breath for 5 minutes.
  • Do a 20 minute cardio practice.
  • Do a longer and more demanding High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It can be 6 rounds of burpees and 25 squats without weight, with 10 seconds rest between them. A 15-minute kettlebell circuit. Training of crossfit, focused on metabolic conditioning, running 50 meters, doing 10 lifts with wall balls weighing up to 9 kilograms, 5 deadlifts up to 20 kilos and 5 double rope jumps.
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The purpose is extend the effect of an increase in calories burned at rest after performing training high intensity. It is a fundamental tool to promote fat burning. Of course, avoid high wear and tear, limiting these routines to a maximum of 90 minutes.

Prevents its appearance

Among the tips that can help you the most to eliminate stubborn fat and prevent its future appearance, stands out the fact of devising an intelligent way to feed yourself, according to the needs that demand your body. Try cycling carbohydrates to enjoy them some days more than others.

You will establish high, moderate and low carbohydrate days, adapting your diet to the physical demands of each day. It is a plan that, perhaps, will take time to perfect, but with which you will see results.

Also, add metabolic circuits to your exercise routines. This is a training mode that allows you to increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR). That is, your body will burn more calories in the long term, unlike when you practice traditional cardiovascular exercises.

Based on this, you can distinguish and choose between three types of metabolic circuits:

  1. Cardiovascular-based metabolic circuit: it is the most common way. It consists of running, using cardio machines, and riding a bike.
  2. Endurance Base Metabolic Circuit: Here you apply resistance and intensity to the muscles, using medicine balls, bars, dumbbells and any other object that means an effort above your body weight.
  3. Mixed metabolic circuit: Mix the two circuits above to take advantage of the best of both.

Finally, it is recommended to introduce alternate fasts, since they improve insulin sensitivity and cause a set of hormonal advances. It may cost you initially to implement it, but it is worth it.

Intermittent fasting is an eating protocol that has been shown to improve body composition.

Alternatives to get rid of stubborn fat

Eliminating stubborn fat can become a real headacheIt requires your patience to understand that the results can take weeks to appear. That is why there are alternative treatments in aesthetic medicine clinics that do this work for you.

Among the medical procedures to eliminate stubborn fat you have hydrolipoclasia, cryolipolysis, SculpSure, the CoolSculpting and several more, such as the lipolaser. Most are based on the conventional liposuction technique, with some modifications according to the chosen equipment.

All these procedures are used to remove localized fat and must be carried out by professionals in the field. Consult clinics that have an endorsement if you decide on any of them.

Now that you know the natural and aesthetic ways to say goodbye to that annoying stubborn fat, you are ready to work on your figure. Let’s do it!

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