What is Hodgkin lymphoma and what are its symptoms?

What is Hodgkin lymphoma and what are its symptoms?

What is Hodgkin lymphoma?

The Hodgkin’s lymphoma It is a type of cancer that forms in the lymphatic system, which in turn is part of the immune system.

There are 42 types of lymphoma that are grouped into: Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. There are four subtypes of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the most common is known as nodular sclerosis, according to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

Unlike most cancers, Hodgkin lymphoma has the highest rates in adolescents and young adults (ages 15 to 39), and again in older adults (ages 75 and older) , according to data from the CDC.

These are your symptoms

The symptoms that the lymphoma patient presents, highlight the growth of one or more groups of nodes in the neck, armpits or groin, which can be accompanied by noticeable weight loss, excessive sweating and fever, usually in the afternoon or at night.

In addition to this, symptoms of the affected organs may occur. For example, if it appears in the lung, it manifests itself with a cough with blood or shortness of breath; if it develops in the spinal canal it causes pain and affects the nerves; if it is gastric, it causes stomach bleeding. It can also damage the spleen and tonsils, explains the IMSS.