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What is data intelligence and how to use it to optimize your company

What is data intelligence and how to use it to optimize your company

A fundamental part that helps the positioning of companies is the effective collection of data, because through it the necessary information can be obtained to start the implementation of strategies. that achieve the desired impact and recognition within the sector, this type of feedback analyzed mostly by artificial intelligence, it allows a global series of quantifiable and measurable information.

What is data intelligence?

To begin, it is necessary to establish that data intelligence or data intelligence, by its translation into Spanish, is the process by which companies and sectors, they collect information in data, with which they try to understand, with the help of machine learningthe information acquired, with the purpose of improving both as a company and within the services or products, seeking constant innovation.

data collection, It should be mentioned that it is an aspect that is closely linked to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and especially within the machine learningsince data collection is intended to be done automatically and progressively, since intelligence is expected to understand and prioritize the best way to collect, structure, store and interpret the data acquired.

It is worth mentioning that data intelligence are closely related to business intelligence, however, it should be mentioned that while the former prioritizes the collection of data such as text and imagesprogressively analyzing the information, the second focuses only on a global analysis of the companies.

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Optimize your company with data analysis

to start To use data analysis effectively, several factors must be met, with which the collection and its interpretation will be carried out in a better way.allowing the power to start developing beneficial and effective strategies that allow the correct development of companies.

Control and data access: Prioritizes the contact of the personnel with the accumulation of data, fostering the interpretation and dialogue of the same, to begin to develop strategies and conjectures, which allow the growth of the company.

Data management: Prioritize a master data management system, with which it is possible to rank the content, thus allowing to maintain effective and accurate control over the information.

Feedback: Not only is it enough to know the amount of data collected, but its interpretation must be sought, to generate feedback, with which the development of the strategy is feasible and efficient, as well as giving it the correct follow-up, so that understanding if the feedback it is effective or not.

Training and innovation: It should be noted that not only is it enough to have the appropriate technology that facilitates data recovery, but it is also necessary to think about constant training for those who interpret this accumulation of data.

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