Xiaomi is back on the hunt for the # 01 in global sales. As we already told you on Google, recently the “Apple China” launched its new “MaxiBebe”, the Xiaomi Mi Max. But the Max did not arrive alone, underneath the circuits it brought the new version of the much-acclaimed Xioami customization layer, MIUI 8.

MIUI 8 Continuity or Change?

With the new version and the new terminals, Xiaomi wants to finish convincing the undecided to make the leap of change to the products of the Chinese Giant. MIUI 8 does not represent a total revolution of what we already saw with version 7, but it focuses on improvements and adding more to what they already offered us.

What is about MIUI 8?

Double desk

It is the strongest point of MIUI 8. It is nothing more than the possibility of creating 2 different access codes, which redirect us to 2 desktops with different customizations, allowing us to have a desk profile adaptable to the activity we are doing, for example: Home Desk and Work Desk. Do not rule out that the double desktop becomes fashionable for the other layers of Android.

Rainbow interface

With this new interface, white becomes the base on which the different menus are shown that can change colors depending on the month, time, sound, Wi-Fi connection, among other possibilities.

What is about MIUI 8?

Floating Button

The addition of a floating button makes the use of MIUI 8 easier with one hand on large devices, such as the Mi Max. This function allows us to place buttons as a block or keyboard anywhere on the screen, making them easier to access.

Editable Gallery

Without a doubt, the Gallery is the one that has received the most improvements, from adding filters to our photos to being able to directly edit the videos in a very advanced way.

Battery Saving Mode

The new battery saving mode will allow us to put applications into hibernation to prevent them from running or synchronizing in the background, as long as the mode is active. This function would allow us to save between 2 and 3 hours of battery life.

New Source

Although it is not something that affects us unless we speak Chinese, MIUI 8 will come with a new Chinese font developed by Xioami. My Lanting would allow to improve the reading and the user experience with large sessions of use of the devices.

Rotation of Wallpapers

Carousel Wallpapers will allow us to choose from a large number of high-quality backgrounds from more than 50 different sources that will be updated every day. It also allows us the option of automatic fund change.

New Scanner

Possibly the most successful functionality that Xiaomi includes in this new version. Through it, we can scan products to find similar ones, or be able to buy and pay directly with the mobile payment system, as well as do mathematical operations simply by focusing on them.

Enhanced Calculator

With a very visible change to the interface, the improvements are focused on the inclusion of more complex operations calculation functionalities. A unit converter is also included in this App.

Finger notes

Now we can save our notes with a different appearance and can include different templates, which we can share. In addition, we can give it greater security by saving it under a password or with our fingerprint if that is the case.

What is about MIUI 8?

Given the improvements, we can only wait for Xiaomi to provide an official launch date.