What happened to Hilary Duff, the ‘Lizzie McGuire’ actress who is hearing her name and being transported to two thousand

What happened to Hilary Duff, the ‘Lizzie McGuire’ actress who is hearing her name and being transported to two thousand

Her name, right off the bat, may sound like “so yesterday” (as she herself sang in one of her 2000 hits) but Hilary Duff agrees come back with the reboot of the mythical how I Met Your Motherwhich now enters the era how i met your father with the new Disney+ sitcom that rethinks the concept from the female point of view. But what has the actress and singer been up to since she finished shooting Lizzie McGuire? This is everything you need to know to stay up to date on a conversation about the american.

From Lizzie to Sophie

Although Duff began her career at a very young age, participating in local theater productions; her television commercials and the occasional movie that pass without pain or glory, It wasn’t until the premiere of the Disney Channel teen series Lizzie McGuire who rose to fame.

It was the year 2001 and the series was the most watched in its time slot in the United States, becoming Disney’s number one show and capturing more than 2.4 million viewers with each episode. Thus, although it only had two seasons and one movie, Lizzie McGuire It went down in history as one of those that marked the childhood/adolescence of the millennial generation.

Then, in addition to doing appearances in various television series What Fraser, Among ghostsgossip girls, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Two and a Half Men… and some as unexpected as the children’s program Dora the explorer or the Mexican soap opera Rebel. However, would not return to the small screen as part of the main cast until 2015. Went with youngera dramatic comedy from Darren Star (the creator of “Sex and the City”).

Hilary Duff in Younger

Hilary Duff in ‘Younger’

Based on the novel of the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran, younger It ended up running for seven seasons, following the life of a recently divorced mother who tries unsuccessfully to get a job in her 40s after spending 15 years inactive. Posing as a 26-year-old woman, she goes to work at a publishing house and she quickly befriends Kelsey (Hilary Duff), her crazy coworker..

On June 10, 2021, the last episode of the series was broadcast, in time to focus on his next project, which returns him to the leading role. And it is that Duff leads the cast of how i met your fatherthe reboot from the female point of view of How I Met Your Mother. In it she plays Sophie, a character who is an update of Ted Mosby. The first season of the sitcom can already be seen on Disney + and it has already been confirmed that there will be a second installment.

From popcorn mainstream to independent cinema

However, although it was the small screen that launched her to international fame, the actress has also been working in cinema films during this time. His biggest box office hit was in 2004.when he starred in the movie A modern Cinderella. However, the dramas and comedies that followed her gradually sank her career in this sector: The perfect man, Raise Your Voice (for which she was nominated for a Razzie for Worst Actress), twelve away from home (with yet another Razzie nomination) and material girls (along with her sister Haylie Duff, who finished giving her the final blow).

As of the master 2007, Duff decided to give a radical change to her career as an actress and started acting in independent films. In this stage we could see her with John Cusack and Marisa Tomei in the political satire war business, Blood ties either The Haunting of Sharon Tateamong other titles.

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The Haunting of Sharon Tate

Hilary Duff’s nine albums

The truth is that the American has not stopped working because Parallel to acting, he has maintained a prolific career as a singer with five studio albums, three compilations and one live. Which could also be summed up in fourteen singles and fourteen music videos.

With metamorphosishis most popular album and from which the hits came So Yesterday either eat clean, managed to sell more than 5 million copies worldwide. This was followed by a self-titled album that would reach position No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and in 2007 he would release Dignityhis fourth studio album after which he would take a seven-year break from music.

In 2015 he would return with his fifth studio album, Breathe In. Breathe Out., which would enter the top 10 of the music charts in the United States and Canada. Sales of all her albums in her native country amount to 8,137,000 according to SoundScan and worldwide to over 12 million albums.

Books, clothes and perfumes

Like many celebs, Hilary has her own perfume. The first was called With Love… Hilary Duff and came out in association with Elizabeth Arden in 2006 but can only be purchased in the United States, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. The same goes for her second fragrance, Wrapped With Love. While the first has an oriental touch, the second is more spring-like.

In the field of fashion, it has released, to date, two collections of clothing and accessories from his signature Stuff By Duff. The first had a more youthful cut with a stock that included everything from clothing and cosmetics to bedding. The second collection, however, focused on party wear and accessories.

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Not content with just that, in 2004 she also launched a line of accessories for dogs called Little Dog Duff, in tribute to one of his deceased puppies. Finally, in February 2009 Hilary signed a two-year contract to create her own clothing line called Femme for DNKY together with DNKY Jeans, which was launched in the summer from the same year.

Wrapping up here, to answer the question “what happened to Hilary Duff?” we could say that she has been dedicated to her career as an actress, singer and businesswoman. However, the thing does not end there because her resume is fuller than the cabin of the Marx brothers and she is also a writer.

His first book, Elixirwas published in 2010 and is about a fictional novel written by herself in collaboration with Ellisen Allen. It was the first of a collection of three volumes that she completed with the titles devoted Y True. Also, in March 2021 she published in English his first children’s book called My Little Brave Girls.

My Little Brave Girl

Married and mother of three

Although, since the end of the two thousand, his career, both musical and interpretive, has had more repercussion in the United States than internationally, as we have been able to see, Duff has not been missing, much less inactive. However, we don’t know how but he still has time to marry twice and have three children.

Surely you remember that at her peak of fame she had romances with Aaron Carter (which started her rivalry with Lindsay Lohan) and Joel Madden of the band Good Charlotte (with whom she had an eight-year age difference).

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After three years of courtship, married at age 23 to hockey player Mike Comrie and with him she had her first child in 2012. However, the couple divorced in 2016 and, a year later, she began dating the musician, singer, songwriter and producer Matthew Koma, with whom she is currently married and has two daughters. .

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