However, today, although the number has been increasing, we do not have an impressive variety of third-party applications to use from the beginning. Android Auto of our vehicle, but… why? This is something that we will see next, and how could it be otherwise, we will also leave you some of the best options that you will have at your fingertips to download.

There is little variety

Last April of this year was the moment in which a before and after was marked for all those users who had Android Auto in their car. Basically because the American company from Mountain View gave free rein to the different developers tolaunch your own navigation apps. And it is that, until that moment, only Google Maps and Waze were directly available.

Although it is something that began to change a few months before, precisely in December 2020 the betas of third-party apps began with which it was possible to use, for example, the Sygic beta in Android Auto. However, for now there is not a great variety of third-party apps for our vehicles and all for lack of developer time to release more GPS software that is compatible with this system.

Although, surely, more options will be added as time goes by so that we can choose destinations and navigate with apps other than those that come natively in Android Auto. But, as we will see now below, there are options that can perfectly replace Google Maps or Waze in your vehicle.

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Best Apps

If we go into the catalog that Google makes available to us so that we can choose other navigation apps, we find up to 21 options available. Although, it must be taken into account that some of these software are oriented to charging stations and parking.

Waze compatible with Android Auto

Therefore, these are some of the best and most complete options to change the classic Google Maps or Waze of your car, plus they are completely free from the Play Store: