It is very common for emails to be sent without knowing all the functions that this tool offers. As is the case of the use of Cc and Cco in Outlook, elements that are generally not used, only by a minority of people who know their function. So, next, we want to introduce you to what each term implies and how it works.

Considerations you should have when using the CC field

When it comes to the CC field, you must bear in mind that this is where the contacts you want to send your message to, but these are not primary recipients in it.

And although many cannot distinguish the field CC and “To”, then we will show it to you. “For” is the quadrant that indicates who the message is intended for and DC It is for those who can only see the message.

How to differentiate between CC and Bcc in an Outlook mail?

Differences in functions

As to differences between Cc and Bcc, the Cc is a section to add more recipients apart from the main one. I mean, all recipients are aware of the content of the messageIn addition, everyone can see who you are addressing and even respond. Commonly, they are used to make announcements, corporate emails and personal emails for a group.

Whereas, the Bcc is for adding recipients, but without knowing who the message is to be sent to, just as the recipients cannot be identified among themselves. They are generally sent as emails with sensitive or corporate information and as mailing lists.

Advantages and disadvantages in uses

Among the advantages of using the Cc is that you can send massive amounts of information. For example, when a superior is to be informed about a specific situation in a company and other employees are added.

While, its main disadvantage is that all they will know who the message is sent to and they can even respond. Likewise, there is a risk that email addresses will be taken and identity theft, viruses, spamming, fake news and others are made.

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In the case of the Bcc its main advantage of use is that the recipients will not know the other recipients, which translates into greater data protection. And, not only is the identity of the recipient protected, but the unnecessary creation of internal responses in the mail is also avoided.

Given this, we therefore advise you to use the CC field only if you want third parties to know the existence of the various recipients of the message. If not, it is best to do use of the Bcc field.

Which one should you use and in what situation? CC Vs BCC

If you have activated the Cc or the Bcc field, even both, you can decide which recipients to add and which not. Therefore, you can make use of the Bcc field without what you want is to send a mass message in which it does not show who it is sent to.

Or if you want, you can try with the Cc and everyone can see who you send the message to. Keep in mind that the use of both is not only conceptual, but also it depends on what you are going to present or send.

use cc or bcc in outlook

How do you send an email without showing your addresses?

To give you an idea of ​​how to send an email without others seeing the addresses, we will present it to you step by step below:

Login to your account of Outlook. Click on the button that allows you to make a new email message.

Click on the arrow next to the options space to display the menu. Click on the Bcc point and put recipients separated by commas.

After you have your email form, compose your message or attach a file. Once the step is finished, all you have to do is click on the Send button and your message will be sent to various recipients.

After having told you this, keep in mind that the correct use of these tools can make communication more efficient and you can avoid digital security problems.