What are the most used passwords in Mexico?

What are the most used passwords in Mexico?

The arrival of the internet has put people at a crossroads today, since today there are many social networks, and that implies the creation of passwords that are often forgotten. This is because sometimes the same account is not usually used for all accounts, but there are somewhat exquisite people who do the complete opposite.

According to a study conducted by NordPass, a platform that is responsible for storing the codes, there are a large number of passwords that are used quite frequently. Among them we can find 1234, hello, mexico, america, password, among others that could be easy to decipher even for less experienced hackers.

Similarly, another of the recognized patterns in the creation of passwords is to include our own name, another option that makes it easier for hackers to do their job efficiently. To this can be added combinations of letters in sequence such as abcde, or vice versa, which has led many users to have to constantly change their code.


The solution to these problems is to create unusual passwords, which exceed a certain number of characters, so that not even by mistake can they come close to the code desired by the thief. In addition, it is important to make it clear that a different account must be used for each account, because when one is correct, hackers will run directly to other social networks or bank accounts.

With all this information present and the list provided in the image, it is vital to identify if you have one of these passwords and go change them immediately, since it can take only seconds to lose an account. And while social networks may not mean much, those that have saved cards could imply a problem.

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Via: Nord Pass