What are the archetypes of Godín life? This video tells you

What are the archetypes of Godín life?  This video tells you

In Mexico, the term godin refers to office workers, however, even within that social denominator, archetypes existyes These archetypes are based on the personalities and habits of each of them.

Because office jobs are often strenuous, various phenomena are considered by some to cause a recognizable class of behavior.

For example, the salary can condition them to act in one way or another. That is, in Mexico it was shown that the average salary of workers common office round between 67 thousand 836 pesos a year, while for those with a little more experience it is 107 thousand 215 pesos per year.

This means that the average monthly salary is 6 thousand pesos monthlywhile the average official salary corresponds to almost 72 thousand pesos a year.

This figure, as I have already mentioned, although it does not mean that, for example, the Godínez should take their food in tupperware to avoid spending so much money on external food, it does condition that this thought occurs at some point.

On the other hand, the exhausting process can cause great stress in the workers that, if not attended to in the best way, can cause a severe imbalance in the health condition of the workers, a fact that can make them want to resign, as in the example which the video shows.

Although of course, there are also those cases where a worker simply decides that his time is special enough to give it away and decides to start distracting himself with apps like Netflix or Spotify, becoming “the one who watches movies or listens to a podcast” at work (Of course, everything in its fair measure can mitigate any complaint).

What are the archetypes of Godín life? This video tells you

A TikTok account has recently shared two videos where he shows the archetypes with which he identify co-workers based on their habits within the work area.

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The funny video shares everything from those who don’t take their work seriously, to what they spend their money on and how they spend their time in the office.

The video still has an average reception of views, however, quality content that emulates and describes the behavior of workers, as the series has done in the media officewill undoubtedly be a content appreciated by Internet users.

Here are some of the fun points he makes about what workers do and live in an office:

1. Who comes to the office for the “gossip”: Naturally, an office environment demands a lot of time. For this reason, it is not strange to hear colleagues talk about a specific topic.

2. Who comes to the office raw: office hours are usually quite exhausting and sometimes colleagues take advantage of the weekend to relax, although some others spend more days.

3. Who is there for “levers”: the well-known case of those who enter a job through levers probably shows the need to reconsider the conditions and aptitudes to obtain a position.

Four. Who spends everything on Shein: Saving is a concept that is not pursued by many of the workers, either out of necessity or impulsiveness. The truth is that we all tend to spend our money on things we do not need.

7. Who has to pay for a wedding: although several studies indicate that young people of the new generations are less interested in getting marriedthe truth is that offices are full of people with different interests and there is always that someone with the illusion of having a great party.

8. Qwho spends it watching Netflix: Sometimes work is usually very exhausting and some take advantage of using work time to distract themselves by watching a series.

9. Who is paid with “experience”: a practice that makes evident the lack of commitment of some companies with their workers. Hence, many of them consider additional activities as an obligatory, unpaid effort.

These are the videos shared by the TikTok account:

@atofficee Problems of a godin ✨ #atoffice #godinez #godinezlife #fyp ♬ Pennies From Heaven – Remastered – Louis Prima
@atofficee Problems of a godin pte 2 ✨ #godinezlife #godin #work #fyp #lentils #atoffice ♬ Pennies From Heaven – Remastered – Louis Prima

And you, what kind of Godín do you identify with?

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