What are all the changes that New World has had since its launch

What are all the changes that New World has had since its launch

All New World fans have marveled at the proposal of Amazon Game Studios and it is not for less, since this video game caused a stir among the players since its launch. So today we’re going to dive into some of the biggest changes to New World since its launch.

Along the way you can also expect quality of life improvements, such as easier leveling, fewer bugs, and a decreased local bot population. Players who haven’t tried New World yet can get the game for 40% off during the Steam Summer Sale.

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For players who want more endgame content, prepare to enter the final battle against Isabella. Search for the Tempest in a corrupted dimension of reality, through the twisted capital of Myrkgard, and uncover the secrets of Isabella’s past as you delve into her twisted mind. This new expedition is also the last mission of the main story. Please look forward to future stories as the game continues to grow.

Barnacles and Black Powder is shrouded in mystery, but players can look forward to a unique pirate expedition when it releases as part of the next Medleyfaire summer event update. This update will also give you the ability to play various songs through a musical instrument minigame. Check out the June Team Update for a sneak peek of what’s in store for you.


Mutant Expeditions introduces rewards and replay value to your favorite Expeditions. Mutators augment “normal” and “named” enemies. Family encounters now require new strategies that players would never have considered in exchange for new gear and bespoke resources. There are 3 types of Mutations:

  • Elemental mutations infuse expedition enemies with a specific elemental damage type, increasing their resistance to that damage type, converting a large portion of their damage to that type, and granting them powerful elemental-based abilities.
  • Promotion mutations grant Expedition creatures powerful new abilities.
  • Curse mutations apply dangerous effects to players, forcing them to work together to overcome the power of the curse. On higher difficulties, curses become empowered and create additional tactical challenges.

Within each mutation type there are several modifiers, one per category, that are randomly selected each time a mutant expedition is entered. This system rotates through a unique combination of Expeditions and Mutations each week, with 10 difficulty levels per Mutant Expedition. Players will be challenged to climb the ladder, with the goal of eventually reaching the maximum difficulty.


3v3 PvP Arenas

Earn glory, wealth and fame in 3v3 PvP Arena combat. You can even win some unique housing items in these “best of 5” matches. Find the best combination of team weapons based on your playstyle to take down enemies before each 2-minute round ends. A deadly ring of fire will appear when the timer runs out.

Find out more about the development of the mode, including the announcer, in our behind-the-scenes interview with the New World design team, or delve into the sounds of the Arena as part of our conversation with the audio team. Players who want to get in on the action must first reach level 20. They will then be able to queue for 3v3 Arenas through the Modes menu, which allows for PvP gameplay from anywhere in Aeternum.


Do you struggle to take on all the weapon combinations in the Arenas? Maybe you prefer to stand out in wars or lead your team to an outpost. Regardless of your goal, our new PvP reward track encourages players to join in all forms of PvP, including open world activities, for special rewards. Expect new equipment, weapons, emotes, and much more.

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Each PvP mode now grants players a new type of XP and a new PvP currency: Salt of Azoth. PvP XP increases your progress on the PvP reward track, while Azoth Salt can be exchanged for specific rewards. You’ll also earn a generous Salt of Azoth bonus for every 10k character XP you earn in the open world while marked (XP earned while in shrines is not included).


Players can now use two additional weapons for a total of 13 unique options. Equip both at once or mix and match your favorites for something new. You can also customize the various skill trees for each weapon to better suit your play style.


Players looking for something different should take advantage of this magic damage/support hybrid magic weapon to support allies and debuff enemies. The Void Gauntlet is the first weapon to scale in both Intelligence and concentration, making it a great complement to the Vital Staff and other magical weapons. Manipulate Void magic in different ways depending on your skill tree:

  • The annihilation tree focuses on maximizing close range damage. Complemented by the Void Sword, this sword is summoned with corrosive void energy.
  • The Tree of Decay offers ranged healing and debuffing. It is complemented by the Orb of Decay, a dual phase projectile that can weaken enemies and heal allies.

A wide array of buffs and debuffs makes the Void Gauntlet perfect for players who want to significantly buff their allies at the expense of their enemies in group combat.


Do you prefer guns to physical weapons? The Blunderbuss combines high mobility with high damage at short to medium range. It is the first weapon that scales with strength and intelligence, making it a good companion for a mage or brawler build. Adapt a close-range or area playstyle based on your chosen weapon mastery tree:

  • The containment tree is all about closing the gap and unloading hot lead into your enemies’ faces.
  • The Chaos Tree focuses on keeping your distance and bombing areas with explosive damage.

Players who reach level 60 and max skill level with this new firearm can seek out Wang Tang Zhi in the Ebonscale Reach settlement to start a series of legendary weapon quests.


  • Easier to level up: Players now take less time to level up and upgrade necessary trade skills.
  • New onboarding experience/new players: Changed where many of the early quests are clustered, so players don’t have to travel as far to complete each quest.
  • New transfers between regions: Play more easily with your friends in the same region or server.
  • New housing missions: Help an idealistic architect with a daring mission to build houses in the wild to get new furnishing and decoration rewards.
  • new enemies: Find out what the Varangian Knights are up to through new quests and points of interest like a giant fortress.
  • New open world activities: Discover updated points of interest, the Rafflebones loot goblin, new route encounters, collectible paintings scattered around the world, and much more.
  • New Expertise System: There is a new progression system called Expertise to increase your team score by over 500 once you reach level 60. The more powerful the creatures you defeat, the more likely your expertise will increase, which means better objects.
  • New end-game loot system: Each activity (Open World Named Bosses, Expedition Bosses, Advance Outposts, Arenas, Corruption Breach, etc.) now rewards players with a different type of Plaster. The plaster can be made into a plaster orb, and ultimately a plaster cast of any type of weapon, armor, or trinket. Opening a plaster cast will guarantee an increase in experience and equipment of that type.