What a bargain! Metroid Dread is almost half the price

What a bargain!  Metroid Dread is almost half the price

Get Metroid Dread cheaper than ever.

The return of metroid It was one of the most anticipated in the video game industry and it did so with great success. Metroid Dread recover the essence of the series to enjoy an epic adventure on Nintendo Switch. And now the game is available at almost half price because in FNAC it is discounted at 34.99 euros. The well-known store is celebrating the FNAC Days by applying up to a 30 per cent in technology and video game products, among others. Take advantage of this offer!

The nintendo switch games They have a usual price of around 60 euros. So this FNAC promotion is a unique opportunity to get Metroid Dread at an incredible price: only 34.99 euros. This represents a higher reduction of the 36.38 percent discount, so you save 20 euros on this purchase. Currently you are not going to find the game so cheap as in FNAC, but we remind you that this promotion is only applicable during the 24th and 25th of January when the FNAC Days are celebrated with hearty discounts.

Buy Metroid Dread and save more than 20 euros

Samus Aran will encounter the EMMI as a new threat.

In this adventure, the player puts himself back in the shoes of samus aran who has to investigate some strange events on the planet ZDR. There are signs of the survival of parasite X and the Galactic Federation sent 7 EMMI robots that have disappeared. The bounty hunter discovers that these robots have turned hostile and they chase her around the planet. Samus will have to advance through the intricate corridors, unlock doors and new habilities that will help you defeat these new threats. And above all, to get to the bottom of the matter. what happens in the planet ZDR?

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With our guide you can discover in what order to play the metroid saga and you won’t miss any of the story. Get the new Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch for only 34.99 euros, thanks to this unbeatable FNAC promotion. This is an incredible discount 36.38 percent discount which will allow you to save 20 euros in total. Do not miss it!

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