There are people who decide not to drink alcohol to reduce toxic habits because they want to feel healthier, because of a definition stage or because of a doctor’s recommendation.

Many brands have decided to market their non-alcoholic beverages, promising the consumer that the percentage of alcohol is zero, but is it really so?

We have decided to explain to you what you should look for to know if the drinks you consume do not contain alcohol and teach you some of them so that you have valid alternatives.

What should we look for when we buy a non-alcoholic drink

One of the few that you can notice are the ingredients on the product label, where it puts the amount of alcohol in that product, with a percentage.

There are many times that the product is presented to you as if it were totally alcohol-free, but when you look at the label, you realize that it carries a minimum percentage. For this reason, it is very important to read the labels of the products we buy, since that is where all the information is really.

In fact, when we look at the front label of the container and see that it says 0.0%, it means that it does not have any alcohol. Instead, if it says “without alcohol”, it means that it can contain a minimum percentage of alcohol, specifically 0.5%.

This is important to know since there are certain population groups that cannot drink alcohol, such as pregnant women, patients undergoing medical treatment and patients with pathologies that prevent them from drinking alcohol, such as patients with mental, neurodegenerative, immunological, and heart diseases. , anemia and many others.

Examples of soft drinks

Non-alcoholic pina colada cocktail, from Mercadona

Pina Colada

The first option that we present to you is a non-alcoholic pina colada cocktail. To give it a taste very similar to the alcoholic version, they have decided to give it an acid touch, it also only has 10% natural pineapple.

This type of non-alcoholic drink can be a great alternative, since its sweet taste means that you can drink this drink as if it were a juice.

Mojito cocktail without alcohol, from Mercadona


One of the other options that Mercadona offers is this mojito without alcohol, more acidic and citric than piña colada. In this case they do not recreate the taste of alcohol, in fact it looks more like a soft drink.

But for those who decide not to drink alcohol but want to have an alternative, this option is very viable. Although, it is important to emphasize that It is not a drink that should be taken every day, as it contains a lot of sugar.

Non-alcoholic beer, from Mercadona

Beer Without

It is the turn of a drink very popularized by the world, and one of the first drinks that were marketed without alcohol, beer. The fermentation of the malt is done in a certain way, which does not become an alcoholic beverage.

Many brands have decided to market their beers without alcohol, making you have a large variety of options so that you can consume instead of alcoholic drink, without depriving yourself of going for a drink with your family and friends.

Non-alcoholic polar malt drink, by Carrefour

Malta Without

An alternative that you could drink instead of non-alcoholic beer is non-alcoholic polar malt, a drink very similar to the beer that we have presented previously. In this case, Carrefour presents this alternative, a malt drink with a minimum percentage of alcohol, specifically 0.5%, but trying to preserve all its flavor.

Alcohol-free cider, by El Gaitero

Cider Without

We present a very good alternative, this alcohol-free cider, which Through a process of reverse osmosis, the alcohol is separated maintaining all the characteristics of AIDS, that mixture of apples that through fermentation, it is possible to have natural cider with a minimum percentage of alcohol.

In fact, on the label you can see that it contains 0.5% alcohol, which is important to take into account when deciding to buy this type of drink.

Gordon’s Alcohol-Free Gin

Gordons Geneva

It is the turn of distilled spirits, where Gordon’s presents two types of non-alcoholic drinks, which remember that it means that the drink contains 0.5% alcohol, one with a hint of grapefruit and the other with a hint of lime.

If you are in the position that you cannot drink any alcohol, you should not drink this drink. Instead, If you simply want to reduce your alcohol consumption a bit, it can be a very good alternative.

Alcohol-free whiskey liqueur, from Alcampo

Wisky Sin

Another alternative that we can have, in terms of distillates, is whiskey without alcohol or with a 0.5% volume of Whissin. It is also a good alternative if you want to reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Although, if you are a person who is pregnant or undergoing medical treatment, it is not a good option. Alternatively, you should look for a drink where on the label of the container it says 0.0%.

Gin with 0.0%, from Tanqueray

Geneva 0 0

Tanqueray bets hard with this new one hundred percent alcohol-free gin, made with natural botanicals, ideal for gin lovers when they cannot or do not want to drink alcohol.

It is a great alternative for all those population groups that we have been commenting on that they cannot drink alcohol for health reasons. Thus, We recommend it as a very good option for when you want to consume a distilled beverage with 0.0% alcohol.

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