It seems that Steven Spielberg has a masterpiece at hand with the new version of West Side Story that is about to release.

West Side Story is a mythical musical film that was released in 1961 directed by Robert Wise and Jerome robbins. Now to Steven Spielberg It seemed like a good idea to do a remake and it seems that it has reached new audiences because the first reactions are extremely positive.

The story is a free adaptation of the timeless classic Romeo and Juliet, from William Shakespeare. Set in 1950s New York City, young men called Tony and Maria they fall in love, but they belong to rival gangs. Which makes it a forbidden love. On this occasion, the protagonists are played by Ansel Elgor and Rachel zegler.

Here we leave you the first reactions.

  • West Side Story is AMAZING. Steven Spielberg offers a visual spectacle superior to the original. It’s a MASTERPIECE and Rachel Zegler steals the show with her star debut performance of the year. I LOVED!
  • I have seen the movie and am happy to confirm that Rachel Zegler is a fucking movie star. I can tell you now that it corrects a lot of what was wrong in the original, especially in the way it portrays Puerto Ricans.
  • West Side Story is magical. The choreography is off the charts, it’s wonderfully filmed, and there are some wonderful performances throughout (including Rita Moreno). But Rachel Zegler, my jaw dropped like Maria.
  • It has shaken my world. Everyone is on top of their game. Steven Spielberg is a teacher. Under his direction, Kamiński is a camera wizard, pointing a spectacular light at the bright star that is Rachel Zegler. So many things to rave about here. Too many to mention.
  • It is phenomenal. Steven Spielberg has been talking about making a musical for most of his career, and it was worth the wait. This is a top-notch Spielberg.
  • Spielberg’s best film in decades confirms that we are in the Silver Age of musical films.
  • So yeah, it turns out that Steven Spielberg knows how to make a West Side Story movie.
  • I was hoping that West Side Story (2021) would satisfy my decades-long desire for Spielberg to do a musical. Unfortunately, it’s so well shot and edited, such an absolute education from regular music directors, that I’m afraid now I want you to do two or three more.
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Here we leave you the trailer of the film that will be released in theaters on December 22, 2021.