Weird West, the old west is weird and messy Xbox One

Weird West, the old west is weird and messy Xbox One

Weird Westis the first game from the newly founded developer company WolfEye Studioswhose co-founder, Raphael Colantonioworked as creative director at Dishonored, Prey and in Arkane Studioshas offered us a game that from its title appears to be a systemic chaos, since like Dishonored, Weird West is a real mess, mixing wild nature and western shootouts with horror and fantasy filled with gothic magic.

In this old west style video game, you can find duels at noon, but also witches, werewolves and vampires, so Weird West comes with many systems and simulations, this familiar computer RPG rather than a spectacular new translation of the immersive simulator, since Weird West also with some quirks, as its world feels much smaller and less cohesive than many big RPGs, instead of being divided into smaller locations that you travel between on a map.

SPOILER ALERT -> From this point on, if you haven’t played it, maybe you should come back

And it is his story, it works as an anthology, where there are five characters The ones you play in sequence, each with their own story to unravel, with specific problems to solve: a female bounty hunter whose husband has been kidnapped by a powerful carnivorous entity; a half-pig man, hungry for revenge after his horrible transformation; a young hunter, who defends his home from the spirit of greed; a werewolf and finally, a witch.

All of them are united in different chapters and in addition, there are various recurring characters– A strange young woman who speaks in riddles, a witch who plays with you, and a bounty hunter obsessed with immortality and bad jokes, and every life lived spills into the next chapter, so if you free a monster-infested ghost town as the bounty hunter , it will be a bustling place with merchants and a saloon when you return as the pig man, so if you go on a big robbery or a killing spree, that place will be empty except for an overcrowded graveyard.

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Now about the general plot, you will finally see your five avatars brought together in a grand showdown that takes into account your previous lives, and its complexity is so variable, that in the early stages all that can be put together at the end is a cold, calculating summary of your actions, there are some side quests, but are a real disappointment, their map is huge, with hundreds of locations that will appear as you travel through the desert, but many of these places end up feeling like content to traverse, rather than stories to savor.

So unfortunately, featured locations are few and far between, in Weird West, you can scale roofs and balconies, and use ropes to descend through glass ceilings, so some of your favorite moments might be when the challenges of infiltrating mansions or robbing banks to power up your team. This game doesn’t care much about balance as it’s rough around the edges and doesn’t mind its players experimenting, and even accessing late game gear too soon.

With Weird Westthese magical moments appear infrequently, so the ambition means that eventually the game’s extensive simulations are sure to throw up something special, and its story is weird, but for its title, it could use a lot more weirdness, or at least that’s what it seems. many expected.