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Weather changes coming to Fortnite next week

Weather changes coming to Fortnite next week

The next big update from Fortnite It could be very close, as a well-known leaker has said that the title’s new weather system and the Flare Gun will be introduced to Chapter 3 players next week, with the possibility of the arrival of update 19.10. Epic Games showcased Fortnite’s new weather and environmental effects during the Chapter 3 trailer, with the addition of lightning and tornadoes that can drag players around and help them traverse the map.

Chapter 3 of Fortnite It was recently released with new additions and innovative mechanics that change the way the title is played. Players can now land on Fortnite’s multi-map with a collection of new content including characters, cosmetics, and new gameplay mechanics, such as Spider-Man’s sliding and web-shooter; The latter allows players the ability to easily traverse the new Fortnite map and offers a smoother experience than ever. Additionally, Epic Games has introduced first-person mode to Fortnite for the first time with a new weapon, and players can now make use of the long-lasting fan feature.

The content creator dedicated to Fortnite and well-known news account HYPEX has once again teased the future of Fortnite with a new leak on Chapter 3. Although Fortnite Chapter 3 started last month, it looks like the title could receive its next big update with previously hinted features. to rejuvenate the experience again. Posted on Twitter, HYPEX states that Fortnite will receive the previously shown weather update next Tuesday along with the return of the flare gun from Chapter 2. Although not confirmed, the leaker is a long-standing reputable source and also hints at the possibility of the next big title update, 19.10, which will bring many more unannounced news.

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In addition to the flare gun and weather system arriving next week, HYPEX recently claimed that the snow that covers half of the Chapter 3 map will begin to melt this Friday, January 7, and will have six different phases before disappearing completely. and reveal the return of the Tilted Towers. If true, Tilted Towers could be a new point-of-interest location in season two, episode 3, as the meltdown will most likely run through the end of March, the same month that season one officially ends.

The new chapter of Fortnite is off to a great start and the addition of the flare gun and weather system could benefit gamers looking for a more immersive experience. If the leak is true, then the new update 19.10 and Fortnite chapter 3 additions could be closer than expected, so players can expect an official announcement from Epic Games in the coming days.