we will tell you step by step

we will tell you step by step

When it comes to losing weight there are two pillars that we must take into account, diet and training.

As for food, there are no secrets: what we need is a caloric deficit.

However, in this article We tell you what you should know at the level of training or physical exercise to lose weight, since there are, at least, three key points that we must have under control.

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First what is not negotiable: strength training

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First of all we have to put strength training on the table, which is non-negotiable. In other words, if you intend to lose weight without doing strength training, you will probably not like the result very much, at least on an aesthetic and body composition level since you will lose muscle mass. Also, on a health level, low levels of muscle mass are not a good thing.

In this way, the ideal is to train strength at least a couple of times a week, although we could establish a theoretical and reasonable maximum of five sessions per week. It does not mean that one session or six or seven is wrong, simply that between two and five would be the most usual and optimal.

As a general advice, try to make your routines of frequency two, that is, that you train each muscle group twice a week. For this it does not matter if you use a hybrid scheme, torso-leg or even PHAT.

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Second what is optional: cardiovascular training

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Second and something more negotiable than strength training we have cardiovascular training.

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In terms of health, we have the complete pack if we combine both, although in terms of weight loss and fat, cardiovascular is not mandatory. It can be more or less recommended depending on the person and the context.

For example, a person with sedentary work You probably need to include cardiovascular exercise in your weight loss program, or it may also be needed by someone who has been overweight or obese for many years since part of the fat it has is old and stubborn when it comes to disappearing.

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Third, what makes things easier: the active lifestyle


Finally and in parallel to all the above, the ideal is to maintain and follow an active lifestyle. This active lifestyle is something that is in addition to, but has nothing to do with, scheduled physical activity, be it strength training or cardiovascular training.

An example of an active lifestyle is use the car or elevator less, try to get to places on foot or by bike and in general include some movement in our day to day, even if it is a simple walk.

Weekends would involve doing activities based on movement and that, for example, take place in nature: hiking, surfing, climbing …

In short, an active lifestyle will help us increase our energy flow and therefore We can lose weight by eating more, or at least without having to restrict too much the calories we eat.

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