Micellar water has become a beauty staple and it is strange who, today, has not tried one. According to a study by Birchbox, it is the cleaning product of choice for Spanish women. And is that has revolutionized cleaning routines due to its ability to remove dirt without the need for friction. Something that makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

As a star product, over time it has reinvented itself, presenting itself in various formulas with different ingredients and textures. Chanel, within its range of cleansing treatments, has launched the most luxurious version.

its Eau de Mousse micellar water (47 euros) turns into foam as it comes out of the dispenser of its bottle. An ultra-soft formula that, although reminiscent of a soapy formula, does not have soap.

Foamy Cleansing Water Anti-Pollution Dosing Bottle L’EAU DE MOUSSE CHANEL

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leau de mousse

According to Chanel, it offers a complete cleaning as it eliminates dead cells, makeup remains, excess sebum, UV filters and polluting particles. And as if that were not enough, the brand speaks of a uniform, luminous complexion without imperfections with its use over time.

It is composed of a derivative of purifying amino acids and remineralizing seawater. In addition, it contains blue microalgae to eliminate contaminating particles without altering the natural pH of the skin and marine salicor extract that has a moisturizing and fortifying action on the skin.

As icing on the cake its packaging is as exceptional as its formula. With the characteristic design of the firm, it has a bottle specially designed for her with a miniature pump to achieve its dense foam.

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My opinion

Since I used it for the first time it has surprised me. It is ideal for sensitive skin and a great alternative for those dry skin that cannot stand the tightness that soap can leave. With it the skin is deeply cleansed in a super light way. And the final sensation is of softness and freshness. Leaves the skin calm, hydrated and ready to receive the beauty treatment that we use. A marvel.


To use it, place one or two doses in the palm of your hand and apply to a wet face, avoiding the eye contour and massaging in small circular movements. Then rinse your face with lukewarm water. Finish by gently patting the skin dry with a clean towel to minimize friction and not irritate the skin.

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