There is no doubt that one of the great attractions that you will find in this device is the frequency that the screen of 6.7 inch that has the terminal. This reaches the 144 Hz, which makes it leave behind many of its competition, and therefore it is clearly one of the characteristics that make it different today. By the way, both in the definition section (Full HD +) as in the aspect ratio, which is 19.5: 9, it perfectly meets the phone.

Something that we liked a lot about this Moto Edge 20 Pro is the frequency of sampling of the chosen OLED panel. This reaches the 576 Hz, and it is a quite positive brand, since in the section of other activity this is noticed by offering an excellent response which allows to obtain a fantastic experience, since the immediacy when executing actions is very good. And, this is quite beneficial with any application and also with games.

Screen quality

In general, it must be said that everything that has to do with image quality on this device is quite good. A good example of what we say is that the pixel density reaches the 385 dpi, which makes it possible to see the letters with a great definition (without the presence of any jitter) and, therefore, the behavior is really convincing in practically any type of use that is given to the terminal. Come on, with the definition you will not have any problem.

When it comes to the representation of colors, things are going well but not everything is perfect. Thus, there is a clear difference between the two options that exist in the Moto Edge 20 Pro settings. If selected Saturated a clear trend is detected cold which causes the whites to be off and there is some deviation towards the blue. In the case of selecting natural, things are going much better … although what is seen on the panel has a slightly less impact … but clearly the sRGB spectrum is covered at the same time. perfection.

A compelling glow

Here we really liked the behavior of the Moto Edge 20 Pro. The power that it is capable of reaching reaches up to 655 nits when you have the automatic management in operation (otherwise), the mark drops quite noticeably, but remains a more than correct 470 nits. Therefore, good marks are achieved that ensure a performance more than suitable in virtually any situation.

Moto Edge 20 Pro frames

In any case, it must be taken into account that some of its rivals surpass it in the power of brightness that the screen is capable of emitting, which in some cases can to be noticed. But, in our experience, we believe that you are going to get everything you need with this phone.

Software options

You will not find anything absolutely crazy, but you will find some possibilities that are interesting when it comes to customizing the phone in the most appropriate way. In addition to the aforementioned color settings, there is also a slider that allows modify the trend from cold to warm that has the screen. And this one works really well and is the right solution to manage the blue trend with the Saturated option. This is very good news.

Apart from this, there are some additional possibilities that you will find in the terminal, such as being able to activate a function called Attentive display that detects if you are looking at the panel so as not to turn it off and, also, we believe that the possibility of using gestures among which stand out the power to take a screenshot by touching with three fingers or sliding to divide the screen and see two applications at the same time. The fact is that the possibilities that exist in the Moto Edge 20 Pro are not bad at all.

Frequency, the most striking

Clearly the reason for us to say this is that you can go as far as 144 Hz. This makes it possible to enjoy excellent fluidity when displaying transitions such as those of the Android operating system. The fact is that this brand surpasses many of its competition and its effectiveness on a day-to-day basis without being shocking, it does stand out on many occasions when making a direct comparison.

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Using the Moto Edge 20 Pro screen

As it cannot be otherwise, among the software possibilities is to establish the configuration to be used with respect to the frequency of the screen. exist two fixed settings which are 60 and 144 Hz, which makes it almost constant in use. Afterwards, you will find a possibility called Automatic. With it, you will let the terminal be the one to decide what is best at all times, and the truth is that it works quite well, since it recognizes the needs correctly. But surprisingly, the ranges in which he works range from 44 at 120 Hz, something that seems curious to us, since it does not squeeze the possibilities of the Moto Edge 20 Pro to the maximum.

Motorola screen view

In general, we have found a phone that meets without the slightest problem in the section of the screen, standing out especially in everything that has to do with frequency. Also, and this is important, the support for a high dynamic range in color (HDR10 +) is present, and you will be able to exploit it with widely used applications such as YouTube.

Moto Edge 20 Pro side

It is true that the operation of the Saturated color mode must be properly calibrated, but this is achieved quite easily due to the good amount of possibilities that exist in the Moto Edge 20 Pro settings. The fact is that adding everything, to Nothing out of tune with this terminal in the screen section and, therefore, you will be able to enjoy games and multimedia content without having any problems and achieving a quite positive experience. Without being crazy, you’re going to stay satisfied.